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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Lets get to it

Hi to all!

To all that are trying to concieve, all that have concieved, all that are trying to concieve again and to all that love having a good lurk. Which was me until recently. 

So here is a little bit of my back ground. I'm 27 and my partner is 25. We have been together for 5 and a half years.  I have a child from a previous relationship. He was a surprise to my freshly 19 year old self. A year later I left his Dad and started my "Single Mother" journey until I meet my partner shortly after. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Endo. Not long after I unexpectedly fell pregnant for the pregnancy to end days after finding out. I wasn't wanting another baby at that point in time but from that moment that is all I wanted. My partner not so much at the time understandably.

Long story short 6 months ago he was finally ready to start talking about it and with in a month we started "not trying, not protecting". He wants it to naturally happen. But quietly I was trying! I had monitured my cycle for months! 30-35 day cycle then went to a 30-32 day cycle plus the lovely O pains I had to a T when I was ovulating! So I made sure to be extra keen to BD those nights. Up until last month he was okay with the whole "it will happen when it happens" then it is now "when's it going to happen?" Men! So bloody impatient! (hehe) Last month was our first month of really trying. Then I started spotting at 13DPO. Within 24 hours AF had made her arrival known. I cried... alot. I really thought last month was the month. I've been tracking my DPO and it was all so different to the previous cycles.

Now I have started doubting if I had my O date right. 6 months and nothing. BD every second day of my furtile window to every day of my firtle window. My son was a broken condom! go figure... So this month I bought OPK's and got a blazing positive this morning with a few niggly moments, so if im correct 24-36 hours I should ovulate, which works out about right to my tracker app. BD mission in full force (get it) over the next few days! 

This is the month I don't symptom spot (insert eye roll here), track my DPO (lol) and just relax and have fun with the process. It will happen when it is ment to happen. (fingers crossed with in 24-36 hours).

After reading sooo many blogs & posts I have become obessed with it all. So I decided to write my own blog. Write down what and how I'm feeling without annoying the shit out of my friends & family. Also keeping it a little private within my actual life. YES I know. Writing it on a forum where potentialy 1000's of people can read isn't so private. But this is a community of support for women who all want to achieve the same outcome. Where we can sit and read for hours (yes, guilty of hours on here) and not not get sick of the topic. 

Any way, I've rambled on enough so i'll end it here in hopes that this can be therapeutic for myself and maybe others because I have a feeling this is going to be quite a long jurney for my partner and I. Also if any of this helps any one who reads it, weither they relate or have a laugh then i've done a good deed. I want this to mainly be light hearted, there may be a few moments of seriousness but I need to keep my sanity and remember everything is a process.

So heres to hoping that the freshly bought bottle of Grey Goose that is in my freezer stays un-opened for another 9 months. 


For future blogs there will be a chance of swearing, sacasim & 99.99% whinging.............. :)