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Let's talk about these PIO injections...

These really deserve their own post.

All right. I'm going to be honest. These things SUCK! Lol. I'm in a lot of pain a lot of the time. I even wake up in the night with an ache. Does it get better? 

The first one we did was the worst. I think I tensed up and omg it felt like liquid concrete was being injected into my butt, but to be fair I also think that one was a tad low (more in line with the butt crack than above that line, not really purposely that low but hey we were doing our best okay, lol). The instruction videos talk about how higher is better. So we went higher and I made sure to relax and those went a thousand times better, but I can't shake this soreness! It's like having a bruise deep down in the muscle, and I'm always very stiff on the side where we've done it, which is agony for me because I'm usually really active. I've started heating it before the injection as well as after, and that helps. I've also taken to using a rolling pin on the muscle and as much as that's a hurts-so-good kind of feeling it really helps ease the stiffness for a little while. Does anyone have any other tips? Obviously moving it is key, despite the ache. I've been trying to stick to my regular workout as much as possible and it helps so much, but again that's short-lived. Another challenge is that very soon I need to learn how to do these myself for whenever I travel. Currently dh has been doing them, and it's actually been really sweet. I think it makes him feel involved and important, which makes me really happy. :)

Anyway, this may just be my fate for a while, and I get that. As long as it keeps our embryos (which should be blastocysts today!) happy then I would do it forever lol. And I can also thank the PIO for rescuing me from drowning in estrogen sadness like I was before it started. Pros and cons!

I welcome any expertise and all well wishes. :) Thanks! 


I've been doing more than 20 shots so far, so here's what I've come up with. It's never fun, but its bearable : - keep the seringe close to you before you do the shot. I put it in my bra somewhere else for 20 min so the liquid is, well, more liquid and at body temperature. - Timed 5 minute deep-tissue massage on the injection site. That one is something. DH does the massage and it does hurt. However, it is well worth it since the spot immediately less sore later, and the day after. - Putting something warm on the injection site, for a few minutes after the massage. So that's it for what I'm doing right now, hope it helps! Good luck with everything!

Thanks, geeky_gab! I will try warming the syringe to body temp and see if that helps. We've been massaging it but not for 5 minutes by any means so perhaps I'll add that! Could be another good time to break out my rolling pin lol.

**update** Just had my first virtually painless PIO!!!! I did all my usual stuff plus held the syringe in my hands for a minute or so to somewhat warm it (thanks again, geeky gab!) and then I used this tip I saw on a video where you lie on the edge of the bed/couch and hang a leg over the side you're going to inject to help it relax. Then I made 100% sure it was high enough, and after pretty minimal cursing it was done and there was no lingering pain! We did a rolling pin massage for good measure, but I feel totally normal! Fingers crossed this isn't just a fluke... lol.

And good luck on the rest of your TWW :)