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Embryo pictures

Hi all!!

Please post pics of your transfered embies. If you can include "age" and stage (I.e. 6 day expanding blast or 5 day hatched blast), grade according to your clnic (I understand grading varies from facility to facility), and any other details you can add such as PGS/PGD tested. Lastly, if you're out of the tww, please post if you got a BFN or BFP.

As for me, I just transferred this little guy (XY) today: a 6 Day hatched blast that has been PGS/PGD tested. Can anyone tell me what that little "tail" on the end is? And why does it look so oddly shapened? 


Thanks for taking the time to read this post and participate! Baby dust to us all. 


Aww just gorgeous! So fun you already know it's a boy. :) At first I was super confused like "whoa that doesn't look like mine" but mine were 3 days so that would definitely explain the difference. :'D On Thursday I'll be 6dp3dt ("9dpo" equivalent) so we're not too far apart at all! Good luck!!! I pray that little dude is getting nice and cozy with you!

I think it's oddly shaped because it's so far hatched, which is a good thing. My first embryo that was transferred during a fresh cycle was perfectly round. It failed. The frozen two embryos looked like a pear. I asked why they were deformed and was told they were hatching, which was really good! And they were right! 19 month old twins are currently running around my house!! In terms of those things on the side, I'm not sure. Perhaps just a piece of the shell breaking off?