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TWW 5 dpo

who else is in the TWW??!?!? 


Hey LJohnson! I'm on 4 DPO. How is it going for you? I know up until about 6 or 7 DPO any symptoms to really speak of are caused by increased amounts of progesterone. I don't really have much to report. 1DPO - nada 2DPO- nada 3DPO- mild dull cramping but nothing to brag about 4DPO- Today - Noticing an increased amount of CM and it's white/creamy pretty sure this pretty normal. I just usually dry up right after ovulation or slightly wet. Keep me posted on how you're doing!

1-2 not much of anything to get too excited over. 3dpo I noticed CM which never happens after ovulation. Usually goes away. Breast tenderness. 4 and 5 were tugging / pulling with CM and breast tenderness. 5dpo I could have sworn I saw a pink tinge to the CM early this morning at 5am but not exactly sure! I’m very tired with very light Nausea pulling sensation heavier on lower left side! With a backache on lower left side. I’ve had two hot flashes today as well that last for 20 mins.

Hi Mrsb what are your symptoms?

It’s real stressful waiting! Also on day 5, for the past few days I’ve been having some mild cramping, a bit of nausea and feeling really tired. This is my 3rd month trying to conceive. Just trying to go with the flow and be passive just Incase I don’t get a bfp, while still hoping for the best!

Just kidding Nips just got super sensitive all of a sudden and my scalp felt like it was burning on the sides... strange....

Hi!! Today is 7dpo. 6dpo I still have CM lots of it (tmi) but I almost thought I started my period mild cramping on and off light headed on and off and laying flat on my back. My breasts felt tingly and swollen on and off. Crazy insomnia. Couldn’t sleep kept tossing and turning. 7dpo woke up starving this morning I never am starving!! Still CM it’s only 11 am here so still early I’ve had a couple twinges nothing seriously, still tingly feeling in breasts come and goes.