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If you can relate please give me anything!

Hey guys.. im new to this website & i just wanted to tell alittle about myself. My name is lexi and I am 24 years old, this is my 2nd cycle ttc & I have awesome faith. Today is ovulation and I had intercourse Monday the 12th and yesterday the 15th. Yes I am aware that it is too early to test or even have any signs of pregnancy .. but I did feel tight in my pelvic area any ideas ..please give me any advice for a smoother two week wait. WISH ME BABYDUST lol.


Hopefully yes, but You’ve got to wait! Good luck!

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Cool and i have actually tried, my breasts i feel nothing but my nipples are very painful and I am now 6dpo with little like the slightest of crampiness and back aches just the slightest