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I just want to be a mommy!

This is by far one of the most challenging times in my life.  I am 39 years old TTC for the first time. We have tried for over a year, to no avail.  I am on my second IUI procedure and currently in the TWW.  As a I read some of the blogs on here it amazes me how many women are going through the exact same thing.  One thing that is striking me is that I am not as diligent and detailed with timing and maximizing best possible outcomes.  Thank you all for sharing your stories because I am learning a ton and am taking away some tips and tricks I've read along the journey to conceiving.  Any advice, guidance, and encouragement you have is certainly welcomed!


Thank you so much! I appreciate the words of encouragement. It absolutely is a doozy. Waiting my whole life for to be a mom, I thought this would be easy. I was WRONG. At any rate, I do know that I will appreciate it that much more when it happens. I'm staying positive. Has anyone tried Vitex? Acupuncture? I have done both leading up to this IUI and am curious if anyone has done the same.

Hello dear, how are you holding up? Your post is really emotional. I am almost forty. I wanted to conceive when I was 35. My doctor told me that it wasn't the best option for me considering my age. Many women of my age carry children but I couldn't. I was so heartbroken for a while. I mean not being able to carry your own bab can be heart-wrenching. I and my husband wanted to get treated for it. We went to a clinic named Lotus in Ukraine. It didn't help us much either. It was such a disappointment. Their staff was rude to us. They weren't cooperating with our schedules at all. Sadly, we didn't register with them. Their services didn't match our criteria for a good clinic.