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TTC - struggling

first time posting, although I have been stalking these blogs for months.

in the 2ww for cycle 5 and pretty sure it won't be successful. Just feel like my bbt are too low post ov even though they are above cover line.  

REALLy struggling! How do you's do it? i feel like a failure. I genuinely don't think i can do anymore. Okps, temping, sex at The right times, vitamins, vitex, b6, preseed, you name it, iv done it.

My sister has a 3month baby after first month trying.other friend first month. Another friend 3months preg.Best friend Just announced, 3rd Baby.

We bought a house big enough to have a family and now I feel stupid, like we're never Gona fill this house.

I just need to rant. just end up crying to my partner after we've had a drink and I feel bad always off loading to him.

How do people do this?????????