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1st Cycle of IVF

Today is 7dp 5dt for me (7 days pass a 5 day blastocyst).

Not sure if ny eyes are playing tricks on me...did i see a faint BFP?

I have been having cramps on and off since ET and AF is around the corner. Bete is due next week..

Can someone help!!!


Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are well. I think it is a faint BFP. However, I am not a professional. You should surely visit a doctor to confirm the news. I have also gone through an IVF cycle. It wasn't successful though. So I and my partner have opted for surrogacy. We picked out Biotexcom clinic. I've been reading great reviews about this clinic. I am so excited to be a part of them. We registered quickly with the,. It seems like a really promising clinic. Their doctors are highly trained. By the way, if you are from London I have an idea. You should visit their event that is being held on 17 and 18tth August. Their services are really good. I guess you already have a doctor though. So if anyone else needs one, hope I was of some help.

Hi dear. I think that you should consult your doctor about this. Only he knows if it is a faint line or a good one. But if the result comes in negative, then don’t get frustrated. Think of this as your lucky chance. Try again and who knows you might succeed. So I also want to give some interesting information. I have seen this on their website. As you know that Biotexcom was sending their team. They were being expected in August. Well, my friends, their arrival date, and the venue have been changed. I don’t know about their new date. But I am sure that it will come soon. It will be announced on their website. So think positive. Remain hopeful. Everything will work out just fine.

Hi dear. I think what you should do right now is to consult your doctor. He would know what is truly happening. Because he is a professional in his work. Don’t make mind about wrong things. Think positive. Remain hopeful. Things will work out just fine. I have an important announcement to make also. I have just visited Biotexcom’s website. They have announced that the team’s venue and arrival date has been changed. They have not given the new date. As you know that the team was coming in the mid of August. They were going to be headed by Anastasia. She is the head of the English department. She was going to answer all of the questions. But relax. Don’t lose hope. I am sure that they will announce the new date soon. Till then fingers crossed.