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Trying to conceive

Good Day Everyone I would like to share my story with you.We have been married for 12 years and still no babies.We have been trying a lot of things with several doctors and nothing happen.In July 2016, I decided to change doctor, we went to see a doctor that diagnose me with PCOS and he started putting me on Glucophage XR 1000mg. As I was having irregular cycle, he put me on med to help regularise the cycle.We have been trying with Serophene and Clomid but nothing, until August 2017, when i was put on Gonal F and we have several IUI, I felt pregnant for the first time, but it lasted only for 7 weeks and it was lost. I have been trying again and January 2018, pregnant again and same for 7 weeks and then it is gone.I decided to change Doc once again. The one I am seeing now, immediately found out that I have a thyroid problem that needed treatment immediately.So we have paused in trying from Feb to May, and after AF in May, I said to the Doc that i want to try again. So I was put on Clomid from day 2-6,then I waited for my appointment with Doc, which was scheduled on the 01st June 2018, there was one Follicle of 21mm and many small follicles all around-She started putting me on Gonal F, from Friday 1st June to Thursday 7 June,When i went back to check, the main Follicles has reached 26mm and she gave me Ovitrelle and ask me to come for IUI on the next day Friday evening.So now I am 11 Days Post IUI.I have been getting lot of cramping on the right side and my breasts are very tender.I am really afraid of what will happen and don't know if i want to test.