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My earliest pregnancy symptoms before BFP

I WANTED TO SHARE WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED AS I KNOW WHEN I WAS TTC I WAS HUNTING HIGH AND LOW FOR SIGNS I WAS PREGNANT! Being in that mid zone of wondering wheither youre pregnant or not can be so exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time, but no one can prepare you for that moment you see two lines appear, your whole world flips with excitement and fear and joy. No matter how sure or unsure of the symptoms you were. I thought i would share my earliest symptoms with you incase you too are in that 'am i, arent i' stage and would like to compare! THE VERY FIRST SYMPTOM...COLD AND FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS At 7 DPO, i woke up with a horrible stuffy nose, very sore head, aching throat and was very feverish. My body was aching all over and i was ready to quit life for the day. Usually when a cold hits me, i get a very sore throat a day or two before the other symptoms, like a warning. However, this came all at once. I was sweating and my body was aching all over. These symptoms disappeared within a day only to reappear again at 10 DPO. Hooray pregnancy! LOW MOOD/WEEPINESS My cold symptoms had now disappeared! But at 8 and 9 DPO i was suffering with a really, REALLY low mood. It got worse before it got better, but i couldn't stop crying and had a general hatred toward life in these two days! Nothing could shake this depressive mood i felt and i knew it was very unusual for me. Around 10 DPO as said above, my cold symptoms came back which...continue reading Good luck everyone TTC x