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TTC - Almost

I am new to this site so forgive me if this isn't how you're meant to use the blog but I am just about ready to burst with excitement that I need to write my thoughts down somewhere!! History: I am married and have a 4 1/2 yr old daughter with my husband and we are currently in the process of moving house. My husband and I decided we wanted to add to our family in Aug 2017 but for one reason or another we wanted to wait until March 2018 before starting TTC. Then this date got pushed out a few times (yet more reasons) and before we knew it we had come to rest on Aug 2018...a whole year after we had originally decided to have another child. We both turn 30 this year :D which is very exciting as it is, couple that with buying a new house and TTC our 2nd child and we are in for a busy yr! It hasn't been easy to stick to this date believe me. A case of heart vs. head most of the time and shockingly for me it is my husband saying "let's get a move on!" and not me for once lol anyway I have had my IUD removed in January 2018 and been tracking my cycles ever since whilst also trying to monitor my weight (I've lost 16lbs so far :D through healthy diet & exercise) and so now it is just 24 short days left until we will be actively TTC :D:D:D Already most of my thoughts on a daily basis seem to come back to pregnancy and new babies and life as a family of 4. All the fun things like announcements etc. as well as the daunting aspects like "How the heck will I manage with 2 LOs?" and the fact that labour/birth/recovery last time was a long and messy process that I am not looking forward to re-living it all. If I am this obsessed already how will I be during the TWW?!?! Probably a bloomin' nightmare lol I definitely want to get a wiggle on with sorting out all the bits that go along with pregnancy and new babies but it's so tricky as only we know. We want to keep it a secret for now so we don't get asked all the time by well-meaning people about if we're PG yet or not! Fingers crossed that after 8 months of tracking cycles and 3 months of taking pre-conception vitamins we will get BFP straight away. I'll update soon I'm sure ;) thanks for reading xx


Welcome! This site is the perfect spot for documenting your emotions in your TTC journey. I love this site and check it often to see how others are doing. I love seeing old names pop up with updates. I have b/g twins and have frozen embryos waiting "for when the time is right." Like you, that date keeps getting pushed back for us. My twins are turning 2 this Sunday. So I'm ok waiting another year before thinking about trying again. Pregnant and potty training twins? No thanks! Haha!! Good luck to you!

Hi Puppy Mum 85! Sorry I'm still learning all the terms...what are b/g twins? I understand your desire to wait, I remember potty training my daughter and no way would I want a new-born to look after at the same time! I am a little anxious about how it will work when my daughter will be 5 1/2 and we will have a new-born to look after. I know we will work it out but it is still a daunting thought for both of us at this stage! xx

Boy and girl twins. :)