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Confused about OPK

OK so I started using clear blue OPK a few months ago. Just the normal ones (pink kits with either o or solid smiley) buy then last month didn't get a solid smiley at all... Thought maybe I'd missed it. This month we had the advanced OPK delivered as a substitute so thought "bonus" but apart from day 1 of testing (which was day 10 in my cycle as instructed by the test chart) where I got o, I have had a flashing smiley every day now I'm day 16 in my cycle. Had AF last month bang on time but was only 3 days and usually its longer. Having lots of symptoms like tiredness, cravings, mood swings, bloating, headaches but these are all fairly normal for me anyway tbh so don't think I'm PG. Have I just started with OPK too early? Could the flashing smiley be because I am taking pregnacare vitamins? I was told I had mild ENDO 4 yrs ago after having my daughter and had treatment for it but cos we have conceived twice in the past without even trying we are really hoping it won't cause us any problems now we want to try. But I did read that pcos can cause high estrogen... Should I be worried or just get a grip and keep on testing with OPK? H Also would you go back to regular kits or stay with the advanced ones? Thanks for the advice and support ladies just a bit mixed up with it all :) xx


How long are your cycles typically? Remember that the LP (time from O to AF) should be ~ the same every month, usually somewhere in the 12-15d range. If your cycles are >30d long, then it is likely that you just haven't ovulated yet. TBH, I have heard a lot of bad things about digital opks. You only take those 1x/day, right? Most opks will recommend taking a test in the afternoon, and not with morning urine (and I found that my positive opks were always strongest in the afternoons). The LH surge can be very short, and a single test per day can miss it. I would recommend you ditch the digitals if you are having unconvincing results and go to the cheapie dip sticks you can purchase online (Wondfo's are reliable and you can get 50 for $20 on amazon in the US) so that you can test more than once per day. When I was TTC, I used both the dipsticks and generic POAS. I would take 1x dipstick per day starting at the end of my period, then go to 2x/day ~CD10. Once the tests started getting darker, I'd take 3/day (early am, early afternoon, evening). I would also take a single POAS test in the mornings once color on the dipsticks got close to positive. I only counted the tests as positive when both tests showed positive on the same day. FYI: you can have multiple LH surges in any given month; your body will try to ovulate, yielding a positive opk, but you won't actually ovulate. The only way to confirm ovulation is by charting your BBT. If you are not doing that, I'd highly recommend adding temping to your TTC regimen. GL

still just a flashing smiley...although my CM has gotten a lot more 'egg white' like today so fingers crossed that tomorrow I'll get a solid smiley (hope so cos I only have 2 test sticks left!) don't think I will order them next time though, I would rather go cheap and test 3 times per day like people have suggested and that may give me more peace of mind! at the end of the day I think as long as we BD every other day from day 10 we should get BFP soon enough right?!?!?!

Day 19 solid smiley with ad due in 12 days???? Think I just have odd cycles or something but happy it happened today :)