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Hi! I’m new here!

Hi I’m new here! I’m not sure about this whole temping tracking thing but I’m gonna give it a try! My husband and I are trying for our first child!


I’m new too. I’m not great at temping, tried a few months. But I do know that first thing in the am before you get up (keep at nightstand). I was really surprised at how low mine were 97.1-97.3. Not like when your at the MD and they are 98.6. So basically just chart everyday and then after ovulation there should be an increase showing if it was successful or not. Then temps usually drop back in a day or so but stay above your baseline and continue to increase even just slightly. Some ladies will have an implantation dip about a week or so later and then if it rises again. If temps continue to increase it’s suppose to be a good indication that something is happening since typically temps start to go back to normal when AF is arriving. Hope this helps. And good luck ttc:)

Should be same time everyday