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18dpo BFP... bleeding OPK getting darker

Sooo confused! Got a really nice BFP 16DPO, had about 5-7 light ones before that but not squinters. Then that night (16DPO) started bleeding bright red and continued for 2 days and has really slowed down. It was never as heavy as AF. 17DPO very faint BFP hardly anything. Took a test at 2am today 18DPO very faint line better then 17DPO but... I had very diluted urine and already peed about 1-2 hours before. At 6am I took wondfo OPK that’s all I had after 4 hour hold and they are dark! I took 3, pretty sure equal to control line. Now I have to wait until after work just wanted thoughts or possible similar experiences from anyone, thank you!


But I don’t know how to upload another picture if anyone can help

Are the majority of you ladies from the UK? I get the feeling it’s cute cuz I read things like I drank a pint of water and I’m from the states:) just curious plus we do not have the weeks indicate clear blue!!! So there was my first clue

That's very confusing. I wonder if an opk test tests similar hormones as a pregnancy test. Can you schedule a blood test with your doctor?

I wouldn't OPK is you've had BFP as this will just worry you. you've had a BFP which is very exciting. I bled in the 1st trimester my 1st PG with DD and was super concerned but midwife checked me and said it was likely just implantation bleeding which for some women resembles a light AF. I know it's difficult but try not to over think it and worry. odds are you'll be fine. If you're worrying and it gives you peace of mind then do another test. Try to keep test times at the same time each day though to avoid some darker/lighter lines :) good luck let us know how you get on. xx

Thank you ladies for the comments, but I’m guessing this one ended in CP. very disheartening especially after seeing those 2 beautiful lines. Weird cuz period still light and almost gone so I’m happy it’s not crazy heavy. Not planning on wasting time- right back to it! But I absolutely have to keep testing same time everyday, And I want overboard with testing this month and that made things so much harder. So no testing until atleast a day or 2 before AF or after she’s due. Good luck everyone on your baby journey.