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BFP 5 DPO? Or evap line

I’m assuming that I must have gotten my ovulation date wrong, because I have a vvvfl on a Walmart cheapie that showed up 10 min after I peed. I took these on two separate days, but now I am unsure if they are evap lines or true BFP. My fiancé and I have been trying to conceive for 9 months and we’ve had two miscarriages in the run. I don’t want to get too excited. Help??


Please help!

Looks like it COULD be the start of something to me (and I am usually skeptical). Band is thick, which is a good sign. Usually on the cheapies, an evap will have a very thin line. Since this is b&w, I can't tell if this has any color or not. Is it pink? All that said... Wait ~48hr and test again. If it is the start of a bfp, the line will be darker as it typically takes ~48hr for hcg to double. If in two days, the test looks the same or there is no band, then this will unfortunately likely have been an evap... Are you charting BBT to confirm ovulation or just using an app? Apps only give you an estimated O day based on the length of your previous cycles. They cannot definitively pinpoint. Could be you O'd a bit early this month so are actually more dpo that expected. Or you could have a very early bfp (although 5dpo really isn't long enough for implantation to occur and have hcg build up enough to be detected yet). You'll just have to wait and see... Since you have been trying for a while, if you are not charting your BBT and using opks to more accurately predict O, I would highly recommend that you start. I learned so much about my cycle once I started charting. Thought I KNEW my cycle well after tracking in my head for several years, but learned that what I thought were indications of ovulation happened several days before I actually ovulated as confirmed by charting BBT. GL

Looks like an early start of a BFP! I would wait another two days (seems so impossible, I know, but worth it in the end) and test with FRER or $ store test! Good luck, lovey!!