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Trying To Conceive After Depo Shot / Clomid

Hi Ladies, Long Story short I've Been on Depo Provera Since I Was 16 (on & Off) But i have not been consistent with it My Last Shot Was Back In May of 2018 i was due for My Next shot In August 2018 But dh And i Decided That I will come off depo shot an order for us ttc..when next shot was due ive had what i believe to be was breakthrough bleeding (not sure) anyways thought that i will buy CBE OPK. Since i started bleeding it lasted like a normal period so i Decided to start testing after the bleeding stop 5 days after bleeding i Had A Positive OPK ( not sure if i o'd this month being that i only been off depo porvera for a month is it possible that i o'd ?? and i didn't have any symptoms of ovulation but did have a lil discharge(tmi) so desperate to conceive is there any way clomid can kick start ovulation after depo provera ??