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2WW First round of Clomid to conceive 2nd child

Hi everyone. I am in the 2WW phase of my TTC journey. I am 11 dpo and all of my "symptoms" seem to have vanished. I just took a FRER and it was negative. Has anyone gotten a BFP with a FRER after getting a BFN?


Hey Girl Im Thinking Of Taking clomid But Idk If it Will Work Since im Just coming off depo What do u think? How long have u been ttc?

That is exactly how I feel. I was having many symptoms like lower pelvic pain and my nose was super sensitive and my boobs seem super swollen and tender now that I am three days away from my period my boobs don't seem as tender or swollen so it makes me think that I am not pregnant this month. Have you heard anything yet are you pregnant or not