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I got deleted <_<

My most recent entry was sandwiched between a bunch of spam, so I guess it got deleted as part of the cleanup? Sigh. Anyway, it's transfer week, and in honor of that (and in holding myself to something I've been promising for a long time) I'm sharing the link to my book: For some reason my cover is only showing up intermittently for now (some delay related to Cyber Monday traffic), but if you download it everything should show up properly in the app or on your device. I'm an author (by another name) of fiction, and I've never been great at sharing my work, even more so with this because it's so personal, but this has felt for a while like something I needed to do. My only request is that if you are gracious enough to leave a review on Amazon to please not reference my blog here. This has been a refuge for me for many years, where I have vented about plenty of people who wouldn't be too pleased to find out I'm sure, among other TMI details, and I would like for it to remain so. I hope if you read it you're able to find something worthwhile in what I've shared. Some of it is similar to things I've shared here, but much of it is not. Anyway, I'm excited and nervous to share it with you and more than anyone else I am interested in your feedback. You guys get it, I mean, much more than most. In an effort to stay very zen, I'm keeping all the little details of this transfer -- the ones that I would normally scrutinize to the nth degree and post for discussion -- out of sight / out of mind, but say a little prayer for me if you can. Thanks as always for your kindness and friendship, Spazzle


I don't know you and I've never been active on this board, but you are something special. I always look for your posts. When I've felt alone, I've found them and felt comforted. Best wishes to you.

Good luck this week spazzle!! Sending tons of positive thoughts your way and wishing you and your family the best possible outcome (a beautiful BFP!). thanks for the update and for sharing your story!

Best of luck, spazzle!! You’ve got so many of us TWWers (both old and new) cheering for you!

Thank you all so much! I'm so humbled by how many of you have stuck with me, and it's not just the estrogen that makes me a little teary-eyed at the sentiment. <3 I really hope I can share good news eventually.

PuppyMom: if you stop by please know I saw and responded to your post, which now looks to have been deleted! It's an epidemic!

Hey spazzle, also still following though have not replied much lately. You are still in my thoughts and I am keeping my fingers crossed so that you can get your BFP very soon. I will be checking for your update. Wishing you all the best, thanks for keep sharing, your posts have helped lots of people.