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Can an admin help me?

Hi! It seems that I cannot post comments. The captcha tool spins for infinity and never gives me any questions. There is no captcha to post a blog so I'm able to post here. Do I need to create a whole new profile? Anyway Spazzle, I saw your response before my post got deleted. I'm thinking of you today and wondering how things are going. <3


Thanks! I'm just sore injection sites and hot flashes over here, lol. Nothing too exciting to report. Trying to wait gracefully by pretending I'm not waiting. It's actually going pretty well all things considered. I tried the PIO tip of putting the vial in my bra for about 20 minutes to bring it closer to body temp... Talk about a game changer! Just celebrating those little victories day by day. I have a feeling I won't test until beta this time, but we shall see. I hope they get your account fixed!