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Am I pregnant ?

So my last period was 2/19/19 lasted the regular 5 days, Always regular ect....My next period was suppose to start 3/13/19 and as of today I am 6 days late tomorrow will make 1 week late for me. My average cycle is 21 days. Im soo eager to know but this will be my 2nd baby If I get my BFP! Ive been keeping notes on how Ive been feeling and on 3/16/19 Ive did 3 test since I was late and they were all negative. Ive had slight mild cramping lower stomach area like right below navel. On 3/18 I woke up feeling hot almost sweaty, and Ive also notice Ive been having some bowel movements everyday and they seem to be getting harder to pass but thats nothing really new with me lol. but also last night on 3/18 I felt extremely nauseous like I was going to throw up but nothing was coming up I literately felt it in my throat. My bf thought it was the food but he didnt get sick at all. Tomorrow makes a whole week (3/20/19) with no period. Today 3/19/19 I feel extra bloated and I looked at my CM and its a white creamy color. I need some answers ladies


My CM is White and Creamy****