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5DPO - I am a newby here!

Hello ladies, My best friend told me about this site and said she lived on it while TTC her last 2 DS so here I am! I having been tracking everything during this cycle, hoping im not crazy. I PEAKED 3/15/19 around 12pm (OPK) and BD once that day (swaying for boy as I have 2 girls already) (I attached pictures of my OPK test strips I took twice a day to show my surge and BD 24hrs after 3/16) 3/17 - 1DPO - mild cramps & constant nausea all day. 3/18 - 2DPO - tender breast, cramps all day, and so sleepy all day I couldnt help fall asleep 2 hours before I normally do. Slept like a baby (lol) 3/19 - 3DPO - Woke up after sleeping 10hours and still completely exhausted, tender/heavy breasts, and mild cramps in the afternoon while I was at work. 3/20 - 4DPO - Constant twinges/pulling in my lower right abdomin, tender and heavy breasts, cramps like AF, still abnormally exhausted throughout the day and super gassy. 3/21 - 5DPO - Up 1am - 3am couldn't sleep, woke up with 3 pimples on my chin (havent had a pimple for 5 years), crampy, gassy, fatigue, boobs are still tender and heavy, Creamy CM like school glue (see pic TMI i know) I am hoping these signs all turn into a BFP!!!! Sending babydust to ALL :)


can u tell me what should be the diet for the pregnent lady excited for you! No clue on diet as I am 40yo and my youngest child is 8 and oldest is almost 15yo so (provided I get a BFP soon) I will be starting this all new. I know for me things will be drastically different diet wise and health wise as I will be high risk right off the bat due to age then to top I had pretty severe complications with my first pregnancy and borderline gestational diabetes with my youngest. Please keep us posted