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Newbie here! (Just had my first SIUI)

Hi everyone, Ive just stumbled across this blog whilst scouring the internet desperately looking to chat to other people who are going through something similar, it can feel pretty lonely at times! Last Saturday I had my first SIUI and so im smack bang in the middle of the two week wait. I honestly thought once it was done, Id have a carefree two weeks and whatever would be would be. But thats not the case and I feel so up and down in my mood. Crippling anxiety one moment then flutters of anticipation and hope the next. Im obsessively in tune with every twinge my body makes and im driving myself crazy! Anyone else out there in the same position? :) C


Any news? I know the wait kills me, my post is IUI 2... My tests are still positive but they think my counts are too low. I had my second IUI on the 8th of May tested positive on the 21st but my hcg was only 18.5, due to the holiday we have to wait until Tuesday to get into the fertility clinic...OMG another wait

Ahhh another wait for you! Its all we do isnt it! Unfortunately it didnt work, I had convinced myself it hadnt so although it was hard it wasnt a shock. Im due my 2nd round on Wednesday which I am dreading. I am diagnosed with vaginismus too (involuntary contraction of muscles) so its extremelt painful- the things we do aye?! Good luck to you! :)