advice, please

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advice, please

Postby bombastic1 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 12:05 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the community, and so I'm not sure how this works. Please let me know if I should be posting somewhere else!

on Dec 23rd, 2013, I had a miscarriage at an estimated 8.5 weeks. I was actually supposed to have my first sonogram on the 23rd, so that's based solely off of my cycle dates and not anything else. Anyway, we waited one period before TTC again (as doctor recommended), and I'm currently midway through the first month back on the horse.

My question is this: my doc told me that my cycle could be completely different now. I got pregnant the first time with the help of charting, and so I'm trying to establish charting this time around, and I know that'll take a few months to figure out. I was hoping you could tell me about your experiences in relation to mine so I can try to have a more informed opinion. I'm using the same averages I used prior to conceiving my first pregnancy (the one we just lost), which are slightly longer than the 28 day cycle and put my ovulation day at day 19 instead of 14. However, my CM has been totally out of wack this month and so while I had EWCM on the 18th, I also had it on Feb 14 and 15th. The 19th itself was on the stickier side and then watery CM on the 20th. Now, on the 21st, I'm back to sticky. I feel like this is super inconsistent.

I've also been feeling strange cramping in my abdomen from the 19th, 20th, and a little today, the 21st. It isn't painful and feels almost bubbly, not like menstrual cramps. It is strongest on the side opposite the side I should ovulate from (again, I know that from the doc), but mostly I feel it throughout. It isn't gas. I was flat out exhausted on the 18th and hadn't been that exhausted except when I was pregnant, but I'm back to normal now, so I'm wondering if ovulation can cause exhaustion? I had no signs of O before (at all).

I do not think I am pregnant-- we really haven't been trying as hard as we could have been because we're still emotionally tired... making us physically tired, so no, I do not think I am pregnant, though it is possible. I did take a HPT on the 19th because I thought I should just in case these were symptoms, but it was a long shot that would have relied on my "new" after MC cycles to be much shorter than my old ones were (my main motivation was that would have been fun since it was my hubby's b-day!). it was neg.

My question (after this looooooong post) is actually to see if this is what ovulation pain feels like, if this sounds like a normal cycle to anyone or warrants a call to the doctor (I'm a worrier), or if there might be something else up that I'm not considering. Feeling like I understand my cycle and CM is helping me cope with feeling out of control about pregnancy, so any advice would be helpful.

And no, I'm not charting temp. I probably should, but I know I'm not good with numbers, so I thought that would confuse me more.

Thanks for any help!!
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Re: advice, please

Postby mexicanchick718 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:39 pm

I thought I would respond since no one else has. This board is for ladies who have suffered a loss and are pregnancy again. The TTC board also has a section for losses.

I had a m/c in early July of last year. I was 9wks and they told me my baby just died. With that being said I had a natural m/c two days later and it took almost the rest of July to pass everything. I too waited the one full cycle, which was kind of off. The next cycle I got my BFP my opks were a bit off in terms of days.

I use opks, not charting since I have no patients in trying to figure out what it all means. I got my +opk and got to work. The + did not come on its regular day. It was days later. My CM was also all over the place. O pains vary for everyone. I get sharp pains on either side and get all bloated and gassy. I get tired when I O, but everyone is different. Two weeks later I started to spot thinking AF was on her way. After 3 days and nothing i tested and got a faint bfp. My betas were checked and the following week I went in for an u/s due to my previous m/c. I was put on progesterone pills right away since I was diagnosed with a SCH. I was also put on restricted activity until I started my second tri. And here I am waiting to meet my baby girl.

Hope my response helps. Good luck on your TTC journey!
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