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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Vasectomy Reversal

Natural BFP at 42

I have been pregnant 5 times now in my 40s. 2 were chemical pregnancies, 1 was a miscarriage, 1 was a live (although preemie) birth (my TTC story is in the post with the title "Natural BFP After Vasectomy Reversal, Over 40, Low Progesterone, Short Luteal Phase"), and I am now 16 weeks pregnant again. I will be 43 1/2 when I deliver. I just wanted to provide encouragement that it is possible to get pregnant in your 40s. We were not trying/not preventing this time. My baby was 6 1/2 months old when I conceived again. Also, since some might find this reassuring, all genetic testing has come back fine on this pregnancy and multiple ultrasounds so far have shown that baby is healthy. As for symptoms, I generally know soon after conception that I'm pregnant due to a strong gag reflex, but otherwise I didn't really have any other symptoms. The whole pregnancy so far has basically been symptom-free. Don't give up hope. God can do anything.

Natural BFP After Vasectomy Reversal, Over 40, Low Progesterone, Short Luteal Phase

My husband had a vasectomy reversal (almost 7 years after the vasectomy) and I got pregnant within a few months at 41 years old but unfortunately miscarried at 11 weeks (although it likely happened much sooner and was just missed). I then had a chemical pregnancy a few months later. Two cycles later I got pregnant a third time, still at 41 years old, and I am now 20 weeks along. I will be 42 at delivery. All genetic testing, ultrasounds, etc. have shown that we are having a healthy baby girl. We believe that God controls conception, but there are things we did as well: -used Magnesium lotion at bedtime -cut out almost all dairy and soy -took OvaBoost -took FertileCM -used BioRay Kids toxin remover -used Clary Calm, Clary Sage, or Radiant Womb essential oil from day 4 to ovulation -used Pro-Gest progesterone cream after ovulation, since I was diagnosed with low progesterone -used Thyme essential oil after ovulation -took Utericalm for the first trimester -took Fertilitea -took Maca pills -took 2000mg Vitamin C -took B6 complex, one of many things I took to try to lengthen my short luteal phase -took Vitex -used royal jelly in smoothies -took Magnesium pills -took 1200mg Calcium -ate foods high in Magnesium, B6, Zinc, and Vitamin C -ate pineapple core for 5 days post ovulation -went to the chiropractor weekly -stopped running and walked instead, since I have a low BMI -prayed a lot -had sex every day for several days prior to ovulation plus one day after (I charted my temperature, monitored my cervical fluid, and used ovulation tests so that I would know when I ovulated.) -used small amount of coconut oil for lubricant during sex I know it sounds like I did a lot, but it really wasn't a huge deal, especially considering what some women go through. Symptoms: 2 DPO: sharp pains in uterus 6 DPO: sharp pains in ovary area 7 DPO: food aversions, strong sense of smell 8 DPO: tiny amount of pinkish beige in cervical fluid 9 DPO: strong sense of smell with nausea from it; light positive on Wondfo pregnancy test 11 DPO: tiny amount of darker beige in cervical fluid; darker positive on Wondfo pregnancy test Do not give up hope. God is above all of the negative over 40 information out there. And although my story isn't exactly picture perfect, I did manage to get pregnant naturally 3 times in less than a year, all over 40. My midwives and doctors have all been supportive and told me several stories about themselves or their patients having successful pregnancies over 40. 3 of my sisters-in-law all had babies in their 40s. I think it is much more common than we hear about. May God bless you with the gift of a child, and peace while you wait.

1st child at 42yr, low AMH, vasectomy reversal

Like most posters on this site, I have been a lurker forever... I met DH when I was 38, got married at 40 and started our long TTC journey after that. He had a vasectomy 10 years before we met and the fertility gods suggested IVF with sperm retrieval . After 4 IVF attempts, I responded poorly to drugs, all BFN, we gave up that route. Decided we'd try vasectomy reversal as last ditch effort (July 2013). 6 months later I decided to take time out and just enjoy our dive holiday over New Year's with DH and my grown up stepdaughters (16, 19 and 22 year old). Started detox and exercise in January after break. AF was late (cycles usually 24-26 days), POAS on Friday (CD 29) as I was meeting friends (who would offer wine..) BFP !!!! so "I stuck to detox". Monday did first bHCG - 4245 (yes over 4000). After all those BFN, felt like I'd won the lottery! I didn't chart or do OPKs as I was taking a break. Only symptoms were missed period and the mildest ticklish cramps in my TWW (they're usually painful). I even bought sanitary pads while waiting for AF. After an uncomplicated pregnancy, I gave birth naturally to a healthy boy at 39 weeks (September 2014) just 2 months before my 43rd birthday (DH was 48). He is now a busy almost 3 year old and we've been trying for a sibling... so I find myself lurking here again for hope (at the young age of 45yrs). But thought I should at least share our miracle to give others hope.

Lucky number 7 mo.

Hi everyone! I'm super stoked to be sharing my BFP experience. This is my first ever positive pregnancy test at age 33. DH is 37 and had a vasectomy reversal in Sept.2016. This is also his first and we are both over the moon with excitement. We cant stop high-fiving each other. Before this BFP I was having feelings of self doubt. I believed my body could not conceive. Since, at the age of 33 I have never been pregnant, I did not trust my body to do it's job when the time was right for me. And, I find myself with the same feelings after being pregnant. Scared and nervous my body wont hold on to it. I am so excited and frightened every minute. But, I have to remember that I CAN trust my body. It did what it was supposed to do when I was ready. I have been on prenatals since DH's operation. We've also been taking CoQ10 and drinking some darn healthy smoothies every morning, containing maca-root powder and the Fertily-Greens smoothie mix from the website I do believe this helped us with endocrine systems and our egg/sperm health. We started this regiment 90 days before our BFP. 90 days is exactly how long it takes for your egg health to improve from diet. I cant be certain, but science man... Anyway, here is what I went through... -1 DPO-13DPO NO SYMPTOMS -My AF was due Monday June 26th -By the end of Tuesday I felt like I was getting the flu. Run down, just kind of gross feeling. Like I wanted to crawl out of my own skin. -At work on Wednesday a co-worker commented on how red my face was. Asking if I got sunburned? Hahah nope. I snapped a selfie and sent it to my Mom and Sis. There was no denying how red I was. I looked it up and I guess it's from blood flow? I blush very easy so I guess it makes sense as a symptom for me. -By Thursday I was having hot flashes along with my face reddening. -Friday morning 6am, no period, I knew something was up. I got up quietly while DH was sleeping and peed on a stick, BFP immediately. I thought I would freak out when I first saw that positive test. But, I felt like I wasn't surprised. It was so weird. I think my brain knew, but I didn't want to accept it. I was protecting my feelings. BUT HOLY COW!!!! A couple days later I cried like a baby clutching my tummy and saying thank you, thank you over and over. Anyway, if you take anything from my story please let it be to TRUST YOURSELF. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful body. We make humans. Trust your body to create. I love you guys. Baby dust to all. Pray for me and Junior. Hahaha we named the little pod until further notice.

BFP - 2.5 YEARS after vasectomy reversal

I just wanted to share my story as we spent about 18 months trying to conceive after my husbands vasectomy reversal and had eventually given up. I already have one 11 year old and he has an 11 year old and a 12 year old, all from previous relationships. My husband had his vasectomy 8 years before the reversal. We never ended up going for the follow up tests as we lived 2 hours away from the clinic, and just went with the "if it works, it works" theory. Anyway, a year ago, after 18 months of trying, TWW symptom obsessing, months and months of negative tests disappointing us, we decided we were happy with the family we have and that it was unlikely to happen, so we gave up trying. Apparently we were wrong! I can't give day by day symptoms as I wasn't paying attention anymore. I have recently started exercising more and eating healthier so when my period didn't come I figured it was because of that. My boobs were really big and sore up until my AF was due which happens monthly for me, and then the pain went away. My first clue that something was different is when they started hurting again 7 days later, by that time I was a week overdue. I have been feeling really tired the last few days and nauseous this morning. At this point I was suspicious and couldnt stop thinking about it. So today at lunchtime, with my period being nine days late, I decided to go and buy a test so that I could get it off my mind. I got home and did the test, expecting the negative result as usual. I was shocked when the second line appeared within seconds! Safe to say we are super surprised! I definitely thought it was not possible and that the surgery didn't work since it was two and a half years ago! Have done another test which was positive too. Have booked in to see the doctor on Monday. Fingers crossed it sticks and everything goes well.

BFP after 20 cycles post Vasectomy Reversal

Hi! I got my BFP 3 days ago.....I've stalked this site every month. I promised when ever I got my blessing I would post my symptoms. I do not track my ovulation outside of the app on my phone. So I don't know my DPO's I go off my cycle day. I have a 28-30 cycle this year I've had 29 day cycles. CD21: I woke up super crampy and I threw up my breakfast. CD22/25: super crampy,tired,hungry as heck,and very sore nipples. CD26/28 super crampy....noticing my nipples hurt and I'm super moody/bitchy. Tired it's hot in my city 91 degrees but I felt like it was 1000 degrees couldn't take it. CD29 I realized I hadn't gotten my normal sharp pains that shoot through my vajayjay. Right before my AF. CD30 Same symptoms decided to test after work and bamp BFP! The only real true symptom or lack there of was the sharp vajayjay pains. I didn't have them and that set off my alarms. I'm currently 4 weeks 3 days! I'm having some pretty Kick ass cramping. But I feel like everything will be ok! God bless and baby dust to you all!!!


Ok so a little background..I have been averaging a 24/25 cycle for the last 9 months Had AF on Dec 3 for 2 days (pretty light) I normally have O symptoms (cramping,EWCM) regularly however I didn't really notice them. BD'd a lot lol! Headaches, slight cramping and well as high temps (Dec15-Jan1) Expected AF between show. Started light bleeding on Jan 1 again for only 2 days. BFN on Dec 27..could I be pregnant and have just had breakthrough bleeding? My periods normally go anywhere from 3-4 days. My first pregnancy..I was 6.5 weeks when I found out by a blood test. I had nausea/vomiting but kept getting bfn on hpt. I also had what I though was a period. Drs are not very open about telling you reasons for things so I was just looking for insight from ladies who may have experienced the same thing I will add that this latest bleed starting Jan 1, i had NO normal "symptoms" of AF (cramping, clots) Tested for S&G this morning and got a positive result..but tested this evening and negative:( Not sure what to think..
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BFP after vas reversal and iui

SO here it is! My bfp story! WHat! I'm going to be honest and say that I didn't see this happening. I was at my breaking point. I was sick of the meltdowns every month and sick of people looking at me like they are sad for me. I will never forget how hard infertility is. my husband had his reversal feb of 2014. We conceived oct of 2015! It took time to be able to have the money for the surgery. Of course, insurance wont cover anything to do with conceiving but will pay 100% on birth control! Ugh! Ok here is how this cycle went... C3-C7 I took femera and my prenatal vitamin before bed. p.s Femera was great for me! Clomid was bad! I did 5 months of Clomid (3- 50mg and 2-100mg) I lost my mind. It works for people and my body did what it was suppose to but I was losing my mind. Cd 12- Ultrasound of follicles one was 18mm and one was 26mm! I triggered shot that night. cd13- My first iui was done at noon! DH sperm was 8.6 total motile sperm. I believe they said they want it to be b/w 5-10. It didn't hurt at all! Everything went good. I did though ask the tech if there was enough sperm in the cup and embarrassed my poor DH. Geeze, there was nothing I wouldn't do to make this happen while still in the back of my head i had all the doubt in the world. cd 24- = :( :(. I was silly to do this but I told myself that it will be ok (So I thought I did) Took at prego test that afternoon and BPN! I lost my s**t! I have to say that ranked top 3 meltdowns. Cd 27- This day would make me 14 DPO but I didn't take a test. I was over it this month and decided I was going to wait till after the first of the year to even think about trying again after that meltdown I had. Cd 28- I woke up, no period, no symptoms of nothing, and decided to use morning pee bc I didn't do that on that Tuesday. I got in the shower and didn't think nothing else about that test. 20 mins later is when I went and checked it, 2 Lines! BFP! I yelled for my dh to hurry in there. Our faces were in shocked. It was a cheepy test and my expensive test froze up and didn't work. I went and bought another one and another BFP! Now that I am one week away from being in my second trimester I look back at what infertility done to me and how it tore my dh apart to. I wish couples didn't have to go through this. I still look at my bfp test that i have in a picture and think about how much i just needed to see that. People would tell me just stop pushing it so hard and it will happen., I dont believe that still to this day. I feel like God knew when it was going to be our turn but I needed to meet certain people ( fertility clinic) to get us where we are today. Its going to happen for you like it finally has for us! Baby dust!
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BEF with Early and Several Day Implantation Bleed

I am 10 weeks pregnant now but wanted to share my story for anyone who finds herself in my situation. My husband got home from traveling for work for a while and well, we were happy to see each other. According to my chart I ovulated the next day. 5 days later I noticed light brown spotting when I went to the bathroom in the afternoon. At first I thought my period was arriving but thought it was a little early. When I looked at a calendar I realized there was no way it could be so soon after my previous one. When I Googled I found a bunch of articles about implantation spotting. But everything I read said it happened between 6-12 days after ovulation and that the spotting would only last 1-3 days at the most. The spotting continued into the weekend and with no other pregnancy symptoms to speak of or it turning into an actual period I starting thinking I had some type of hormonal imbalance....or I had to be pregnant. Meanwhile my dog had begun acting very strange. By Sunday (9DPO) I was still very lightly spotting and my husband mentioned how he had noticed our dog's odd behavior towards me (extremely clingy, following me everywhere, laying his head on my torso, ect.). During a trip the grocery that day we picked up a pregnancy test kind of as a joke. I believe the test results are accurate after 3 minutes but I was so sure it would be negative I didn't realize the time had passed until about the 5 minute mark. I was beyond shocked to see a faint but quite visible second pink line when I checked. I ran out to the store to get a digital test which then confirmed with the word Pregnant that I was indeed knocked up. The following day I was still lightly spotting and mentioned this when I called my doctor. I went sent for a blood test that afternoon and a repeat a few days later, both further confirming my pregnant status. The spotting finally stopped after 6 full days (11DPO) and hasn't shown back up. An 8 week ultrasound showed a tiny baby with a strong heartbeat, right on schedule for his or her estimated July due date. This is our first baby and we couldn't be more thrilled and excited. I just want other ladies out there to know that implantation spotting, if it happens to you, does not always fit into the nice little box many websites make it out to be. I had spotting as early as the afternoon of 5DPO which lasted 6 days and zero pregnancy symptoms until about 2 weeks after my positive test. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different so don't be fooled into thinking your experience isn't normal or "can't happen". Wishing you all wonderful pregnancies or best of luck TTC!
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BFP - 2nd IUI - Vasectomy Reversal

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share my BFP story! My husband and I have been TTC for about 2 years now. DH had a vasectomy reversal right after we got married, July 2013. The surgery was a success and 6 months after his surgery we began actively trying. After about a year we decided to seek medical help. In April 2015, we started Clomid. After 2 months with my regular OB I was frustrated and decided to see a specialist in June, 2015. We were set to do IUI in July but I had 9 follicles and they canceled the IUI. August was out because of residual cysts. We had our first IUI in September. DH's sperm count was extremely low, 2 million, (he was taking antibiotics and we were told it shouldn't matter...IT DOES) and I only had two follicles. That IUI resulted in a BFN. Our second IUI was October 19th. I had 5 follicles and his sperm count was better 38 million! TWW SYMPTOMS I tried my hardest not to symptom spot as I normally do. I did not take my temperature daily, I tried not to think about anything! Around 5 DPIUI I felt some light cramping that lasted a couple of hours. 7DPIUI I was eating lunch and had very strong cramping that I had to move around to try to get relief, that never came. Those cramps lasted for about 30 minutes. It was very strong. I felt wetness but never really the familiar feel of AF getting ready to come. My Cervical Mucus was very prominent, very white and thick. That was unusual for me. I also took my temperature a few days in the second part of TWW and noticed it was very high. I started temping daily at 12DPIUI when my temp usually starts dropping if AF comes and it still remained high. I took a test on Sunday (13dpiui) and it was negative. I didn't want to test because I hate POAS and seeing BFN, but DH was going out of town and he wanted to be there. I was discouraged but did not cry as much as I usually do, I had faith because my temps were still high. I did not test the next day exactly two weeks after the procedure, I just figured I would wait for AF. Nothing came! The next morning I said oh forget it, let's get it over with. I looked at the control line and saw it popped up and started crying with joy, then I quickly laughed at myself when I realized I was only looking at the control line. I brushed my teeth and looked again and there was the most precious sight ever a +! Then I cried for real. I was alone and had to call my hubby! It was amazing. I left to go to school and picked up another test on the way and took it in the bathroom in my First Grade classroom. Two pink line immediately showed up. :) I went to the clinic the next day for my Beta it was 147 and two days later it was 496. Yesterday I had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks and saw my little baby and heard the heartbeat. I have not felt a single thing yet. Just a bit tired sometimes and my breasts are very sore and getting bigger daily it seems. I am so happy. I am so relieved. I am so thankful. Never give up. God is able to do anything. TTC is a long road, it is hard, it is tough, it is sad, it is lonely but it builds character and strength. When it finally happens it makes it all worth while! I am still praying for a healthy pregnancy throughout but now and forever all the praise and glory is to God for answering my prayer! Good luck and God Bless! Candice - Mother-to-Be :)