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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP with No Symptoms

45 days no AF then BFP!!!!!

Okayyyy so I’ve been reading on this site since I had my first in 2015 and came back when me and SO started trying. We decided to start trying on my projected O day 8/13we knew our chances were slim because we started late but practice makes perfect right?! Throughout this TWW I experienced heavy symptoms of insomnia, fatigue, indigestion, cravings, and cramps. 8/26(1st Expected AF) No show, tested BFN. I continued to test for about two weeks but I was facing the fact I may had just missed a period. 9/1(2nd Expected AF) I had honestly stopped thinking about the possibility of being pregnant and when I looked on my tracker since my period was a NO SHOW on 10/1(Last day of expected AF) I had a sudden urge for cake with ice cream, drove to the store bought that and two random dollar tests because I thought it was funny I was having a craving because I wasn’t pregnant. Took a test the next morning 10/2(Negative) carried on with my week until yesterday(10/9) I woke up random saw I had one test left and instant BFP!!!!!!! Took more in the men’s bathroom at Walmart with SO and BFP BFP. I started putting symptoms together after the fact because I honestly thought it was AF coming in like a hurricane because she had been gone for so long. I experienced extreme fatigue, I was asleep by 7 and taking naps. Cravings! Again AF had me fooled. No breast tenderness. Increase mucus, I felt like I had bad allergies. Light headed. ACNE I broke out and I never break out not even with AF. Constipation, indigestion. No vivid dreams. A LOT of water cm. Overall, I’m happy, surprised, and BLESSED! Good luck to everyone!!
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When Hope Was Lost: Endometriosis

For the past 2 years, I would stalk these posts, hoping and praying that I may just receive my BFP! As the months passed, which later turned into years, I started to accept the fact that I simply may never be a Mother. After my first year of TTC, I went to my OBGYN, and he scheduled me for Laparascopy surgery. At the time, I was 31 years old, my periods would come every 30 days like clockwork, and we could not figure out why I was not able to conceive. During the surgery, he found several issues with endometriosis. My doctor removed polyps, as well as adhesions, and told me my fallopian tubes were clear! I figured "this is it!", that I could finally conceive! 1 month later turned into 6 months later and STILL nothing! I finally decided to quit. Quit tracking ovulation, quit temping, quit testing. It was too difficult of a disappointment to continue with. I should also mention that I have a severely tilted Uterus as well, making it a but more difficult to conceive. There was a time when I was even 5 days late, which was not typical, however, AF still showed. So let's fast forward to today! I received my BFP on 20 dpo, however, 20 dpo was also the first test I had taken, so I very well could have known prior to that, had I have tested. I did not have much in terms of symptoms, however, I believe I was also in denial, because i simply believed it could not happen and was sick of my body playing jokes on me! How cruel is it that PMS and pregnancy symptoms are nearly one in that same?! So here are the following "symptoms", really, lack thereof, that I experienced before my bfp: Generally, my boobs become sore after ovulation. At the very least, they will hurt atleast 5 days before AF. This time, I had NO sore boobs! Nothing, until 17 dpo, when my nipples were sensitive and sore. I just figured AF was arriving late. My biggest indicator ended up being MOODINESS! I am generally a happy/optimistic person, even during AF. Only a handful of my periods have I been somewhat bitchy and only for a day or two. Let me tell you what...I was a straight BIIATTCCHHH!! For over a week! Just snapping off at the dumbest things, telling everyone about was pretty bad. After a week and half straight of wearing a panty liner, and no show of AF...I finally started thinking, hmm, maybe I should take a test. I was in so much denial. I never wanted to get my hopes up, and even when I was taking the test, I walked away telling myself it was going to be a BFN, and asked myself why I even bothered. I walked back into my bathroom maybe 2 minutes later to a fairly dark PLUS sign!!!!! I was in SHOCK. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach and I'm not sure I have ever been more surprised from something in my entire life! Therefore, my only symptoms were NOT having sore boobs, and moodiness. Now, at 24 dpo, I find myself burping a lot, sleeping a lot, and feeling twinges/pulling sensations. My boobs are fuller and heavy and it is still only my nipples that are sore. I just want to encourage those who have lost hope that anything is possible. I never believed I would be pregnant and now I am praying for a healthy, sticky baby! When I quit temping and quit putting strain on DH and just relaxed, is when it happened. I had a general idea of O from all the tracking I had done months/years prior and knew what ovulation symptoms to look out for. Other than that, just go with the flow. Symptom spotting never got me anywhere and I find it ironic that I fell pregnant with nearly no symptoms at all prior to testing. Good luck to all you ladies TTC, I know it is a difficult journey, but you will get there!


This is my third (and last lol) baby. My husband and I weren't even trying this time around. My first two (and only before this one) pregnancies have always needed a fertility medication. So this was the BIGGEST and best shock ever! i received BFN all the way up until CD 50...i got a faint faint bfp. One where you had to question if it was there or am i seeing things?! The next day on cd 51, i got a very obvious bfp. i called the doctor and they sent me for blood work. My labs were HCG - 14 Progesterone - 12.1 I have another blood work appointment today to see if they numbers are trending the way they need to be. However i just want to say this cycle i had literally no symptoms. I missed my period (usually 30 day cycle) at Cd 37 i started to take hpt and they all came back negative. I stopped testing after a week, i figured i was out and af would be showing up soon. Then around cd 46 i started to test again, all negative....until cd 51. So its totally possible to test negative for so long and then get your late bfp!! Praying for a very sticky bean!! sending baby dust to you all!
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When you let go, surrender that's when it happens!!!

I still can’t believe it! Literally dream come true. Just discovered yesterday morning because FF tells me it’s a good time to take the test and usually it has been very accurate pinpointing my exact CD 1 if ever my period comes. Period should have arrive last Friday June 7 but it didn't. So two days late. That and my AVA temps are so high and still climbing so something was definitely different! I was like why not check to get it over with lol. How many DPO did you receive your BFP? 14 DPO What is your average cycle length: 27-31 days (regular/every month) What tracking methods did you use: AVA, OPK, FF for charting, first time to check my Fertility fluid/Cervical mucus this cycle using what I learned from the book: Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I highly recommend this because I was able to identify that I have EWCM (also saw the transition) and along with a positive OPK that one afternoon it helped me knew exactly when is my Ovulation Day. What’s your average LP Length: 12 days or 14 days (kinda new with charting) Any symptom spotting: I was so busy playing with Sims 4 it was free lols that I didn’t fortunately symptom spot like I used to BUT I did have sore breasts which is I also get every time I get my period then headaches. The funny thing is what my hubby told me. He said he already knew something was different with me this cycle because usually if my period is coming I would be picking fights with him, this time though I was really nice to him lol. I didn’t notice because I was busy playing Sims to care. What medications or supplements: Just taking prenatals. How many cycles TTC? 5 I think this cycle I was able to successfully identify my Ovulation day and discovered I was actually ovulating later than i thought. The first two cycles were so off in timing. Got better in charting with the help of Ava and FF in 3rd and 4th cycle then first time checking the fertile CM this cycle and it worked. How many cycles with Ava: 3 and a half and this cycle it was very accurate because first time it says the same thing as FF. They both got it right! GSD pattern: This is what worked for us 0-2, 0-1 & 0+1 No infertility diagnoses. What I also did differently is that at least on this cycle, I let go and surrendered completely. I talked to my husband and one of my sisterly friends. It helped me a lot emotionally and psychologically after breaking down that one day. The negative emotions wee released inside me that I've been harboring. It was so good not overthinking about "how to get pregnant" anymore. I realized I need to keep living, move on and not put my life on hold because of the thought of "we got to get pregnant" pushing ourselves and the continuous torture and paranoia that what if something is wrong with us and it might never happen. I said to myself around TWW that with or without baby or children I am going to enjoy this life. Of course, I really wanted to have kids and it would suck if you don't get to have them but you need to realize that you need to be happy first with yourself before they can join you in this life. So this cycle I got pregnant because I was actually completely being myself and feeling free and the happiest I've ever been since we started ttc. The distraction and joy of playing Sims 4 actually help too. Talking it out, letting out that bottled or pent-up emotions is a big thing of making yourself free. Your baby will join you once you are ready at that time when you least expect it. That is truly when the magic happens! Be yourself again, find the little joys in your life, strive to move on and do your very best to be happy. To be a happy person. Your time will come. Best of luck to you!

37, first natural pregnancy, 25 days cycle

Hey everybody and first of all, good luck to each and every girl with this exciting journey! I want to share my experience, because the other stories were very helpful for me. Background: I am 37, my partner is 36 and we tried for about 7-8 months until I got my BFP. I have rather shorter periods, of about 25 days, pretty regular ones (25 and 26 days mostly, sometimes 24 or 27 and rarely 28 days). As many of you, I read and read everything. I tried for a few days to take my BBT, but it was horror because I saw no rise after ovulation and then I thought I`m not ovulating at all. Before ovulation, sometimes I had what is called "fertile mucus", but mostly watery and not so much EWCM. In some months, I had very very little EWCM, I remember that even in ,my BFP month the mucus was not so fertile, or this is what I was thinking. I made some ultrasounds, and the doctor found dominant ovules at CD 7 or CD 8. I used ovulation tests, sometimes the second line was lighter that the test line, even 12 hours after ovulation. Of course I went crazy with all this, not knowing if I ovulate, if OV isn`t too early and the ovule is not perfect, why don`t I have fertile mucus, why my BBT isn`t rising even 3 DPO and so on. HANG IN THERE! We bought a fertility lubricant: Baby Start, I think it is made in UK, and from CD 1 till ovulation I took Evening Primrose oil capsules, for fertile mucus. From my experience and my BFP I think usually I ovulated on CD 13, due to my short cycles (on CD 12 I had the strongest second line on ovulation test). Sometimes, in non BFP months, I had fertile mucus on CD 16, CD 17 and that made me think I cannot pinpoint my OV date, but I was wrong. I really think my OV date was on CD 13 most of the times. As symptoms, almost NONE. I think on CD 16-CD 22 or sometimes in that period I had more white CM (but I also had sometimes white CM even in non BFP months) and also a so-called stomach ache but very mild (upper stomach). I got my BFP on CD 24 and I was and still am extatic. I am now 14 weeks!!! Good luck again to you all! If you have any question, please let me know, I am happy if my story helps someone.


I’m 30yo and my dh is also 30. We haven’t been trying as we just got married a few months ago! We dtd only once last month (as we have crazy schedules and hardly see each other until this summer when our schedules will finally change). It’s tough being on completely different schedules as I’m awak he is asleep and when I’m asleep he is awake! But once is all it took. I thought it’d be difficult to get pregnant bc the last time I went to my Obgyn he thought I wasn’t ovulating or my uterus lining was thick. He said I’d need to go on meds. I’m now probably 6.5 weeks (go into my first dr appt next week - my last period started on Xmas eve and that’s when they supposedly start counting). Oh and I thought something was seriously wrong with me after we had sex because I started to bleed and spotted for 5 days after! I’m guessing it was my Levothyroxine?? I’m also type 1 so my ENDO prescribed that to me just in case I got pregnant. No more spotting after that though. Symptoms: normal pms for the two weeks after ovulation (was tracking cervical fluids and realized the month before I had an annovulation cycle bc my ewcm lasted almost 2 weeks on and off). This last ewcm was only 4 days. I had the normal sore breasts but this time they lasted over two weeks! Normally they hurt for an average of only 6 days. I checked my cervical position as I neared my period due date, and it felt soft and I could barely reach it. Normally it drops the day before AF and is much harder. I had a little creamy cm the day I was suppose to get AF. That is literally the only symptoms. My breasts aren’t as tender anymore. They are still a little bigger, but that’s it. No nausea, no fatigue, nothing. I even took another test bc i just don’t “feel” pregnant at all. The second line is so dark and in a matter of a minute. It practically starts showing up before I’m even done peeing on it! I first tested on cd42 (that was my longest cycle previously) and it was an easy positive. Now I’m cd 47 and I’ve had some cm that’s (tmi) kind of like boogers and sometimes clear and yellow (never had yellow cm!). That’s it for now! I’m telling my husband this weekend. I haven’t talked to anyone about this and it is killing me!
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BFP after IUD removal and late ovulation

Hello mamas and mamas to be, I cant begin to tell you how many times I've stalked this sight trying to see if I had any early signs of pregnancy. Your stories gave me hope. Here's my story, I have had an IUD in place after my DD was born in December 2015. I removed it late October 2018 so that DH and I could try for 1 more baby. We are both 37 and have two kids. A 15 yr old and 3 yr old. About 3 days after my IUD was removed I had my first cycle, 6 days long. 28 days later was my next cycle 6 days long. The cycle after that was 29 days long with a 5 day cycle. Each month I had various symptoms that led me to believe I was pregnant and each month got a BFN. My cycles are pretty regular so when January's cycle was 2 days late I took a pregnancy test and again a BFN. I was so confused because I didn't feel ANY symptoms. After that negative I order a large kit of wondfo ovulation and pregnancy tests. It arrived two days later and by then my period was 5 days late. I took a ovulation test with my morning urine since I was unsure of when I would ovulate next due to lack of period. It came up positive that I was ovulating which seemed weird to me considering I was supposed to be on my period. So with the same urine I decided to also do a pregnancy test. After a few minutes I thought I could see a positive line. It was so faint I thought i was imagining it. How could i possibly have such a faint line 5 days after a missed period. I was so confused. The next day i tested again and could see a positive line again. Slightly darker. I couldn't believe it. I had ZERO symptoms. Here we are 5 days since my first positive and my lines are slowly progressing to where I dont have to squint quite so hard to see them. I have yet to tell my DH, I think I may wait 2 more weeks and tell him on Valentine's Day. Fingers crossed this little bean sticks. I'm so excited. Baby dust to you all


Hi Ladies. I used to stalk this site way back in the day, before I got married and had my DS. I could have sworn that I had posted it, but maybe the website was updated and it got lost in the transition. I feel like to help the ladies out... here is what I went through... and yes I still remember this from 10 years ago. Starting on 6/13/2008: CD 42 - 43) cycles were really long and abnormal – I found out my right ovary was behind my uterus which caused some pain aka endo – just a few days prior. No EWCM or any noticeable CM two days before O’day. We did BD just about every day though. CD 44 O’day) We didn’t BD we were actually on a plane on our way home to move our stuff to where my ex was stationed. 1-4DPO) Mostly visited family, BD maybe twice. No symptoms 5-7DPO) Started the long drive back home with our stuff in-tow. On the road. No BD. No symptoms. 8-9DPO) Got home, unloaded moving truck, no symtoms. 10DPO) BD. Notice nips are lighter in color with a darker hued ring on the edge and slight redness on the actual nips itself. Shrugged it off as too much rough play. AF like cramps. Freaking out with how many black-widows have taken home on our porch. 11-12DPO) Nips still same in color and AF cramps get stronger. Tell ex that AF is coming. 13DPO) Nips still the same, not sore. Still believing that AF is coming but now confused why cramps have stopped. Ex says I'm pregnant. Not sure so I buy a FRER decided to take it the next day. 14DPO) Took FRER in the afternoon when we were doing laundry. POAS, set it on the counter and completely forgot about it. Went out to check on clothes and came back to find a noticeable second pink line - BFP!! I was in disbelief and cried out "BABE!!" My husband immediately came to my side thinking that I needed to be saved from a black widow or something. I showed the stick to him and he hugged me and started to cry a little. I was still silent and in shock. REMAINDER OF PREGNANCY) No symptoms. I craved toasted subway sandwiches and milk which I would down about 3-4 gallons a week... no queasiness... no sore boobs (although the my nip color went back to normal after 5-6 weeks). I went on to give birth to a handsome and sweet boy a little early but he's healthy and fills my heart with joy. Things I did: NO STRESS or Obsession during the TWW. My first cycle using Liquid VITEX - hits the body faster than pills but is a pain to find now a days. Anything is possible ladies. Baby Dust!

A year and a half wait

I've been reading these posts off and on for so long, I love them. My husband and I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and have been trying for exactly a year and a half. My journey was complicated because I breastfed my daughter until she was 2 and a half. I didn't get my cycle back until after she turned 2. For the 6 months I continued to breastfeed with my cycle, we tried but assumed my prolactin levels were just too high. Once I weaned her fully is when my OB started the one year of trying time table. I had normal 28 day cycles for 6 months, which dropped to 24-25 day cycles...still no luck. I started taking 800mg of vitex daily 3 months ago, and within one cycle, I was back up to 29 days. I fell pregnant on my 3rd cycle. I plan to continue the vitex through my first trimester to help keep producing enough progesterone. We dtd CD 11 and 15(not sure which stuck!) Here we're my symptoms! O-(cd 14) ewcm 1dpo-3dpo sore nipples and breasts (normal post ovulation sign for me) 5dpo I had REALLY bad gas pains after drinking a Coke...for like hours. Also started to feel sick 6dpo my sickness took hold, flu symptoms began 8dpo I got the bad gas pains again from drinking a Coke!! 10 dpo still have cough, congestion. Had random diarrhea today. Nipples getting sorry again (this happened last cycle too at same time) 11dpo still sick, breasts sore now with nips (still normal for pms) and lots of wet cm 12dpo cramping started, bbs still sorry, still coughing 13dpo all same as yesterday 14 dpo same 15 dpo - diarrhea again, didn't test because I thought maybe vitex was making AF late 16&17 dpo puked immediately upon waking up 17dpo- tested with dark BFP!!! Minus the puking after 14dpo my only abnormal symptoms was the random diarrhea. Everything else was IDENTICAL to normal pms for me! 100% thought we were out before 2ww began! I'm definitely certain vitex helped me with progesterone in second part of my cycle, it also seemed to reduce pms symptoms for me as well. Will definitely start taking once cycle returns right away next time! Also, we've tried preseed, green tea for cm, Mucinex, bd every other day after AF...none of which we used this cycle. This was my last cycle before going to doc to get diagnosed with "secondary infertility"... I'd say doing your own research and learning your body is the best way to begin the journey, not have to fumble into after months of trying. My OB was of zero help in this process, and I would've probably ended up down a long expensive road had I not taken things into my own hands with a little research and paying attention to my cycle symptoms!
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First BFP after 3 years

Hello all, I'm so excited to FINALLY be able to write my own story, after three years lurking and reading your emotional stories. I must say, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for sites like this one, thanks to all of you and your successes I tried once again. We started TTC by the beginning of 2016, and we were very excited. I thought it would take 2-3 months maximum, as my doctor never said I had problems whatsoever. I grew impatient after 6 months, I started to wonder if something was wrong after a year of trying. I went to my doctor and he deferred me to a fertility specialist who ran some tests. Everything was apparently fine, and she recommended us to keep trying. However (and this was KEY), I felt something was not right with me and two years after we started this adventure, I decided to switch specialists. I found an amazing doctor who ran some more tests, and my gut was right: something was not right. Two days after changing doctors I found out that I needed two remove a couple of uterine cysts, that I had endometriosis (grade IV, so severe, and with a low AMH) and I needed a laparoscopy ASAP; and that it would be nearly impossible to conceive naturally. I was desolated, but I proceed with all their recommendations. My laparoscopy was a success (one tube was removed, too), and as I was healing quickly, my doctor recommended to start IVF. The first round was on July 2018, not a great one as I overreacted to the meds and only got two viable 3-day embryo. That cycle (FET because I was risking OHSS) was negative, but we were right to continue. We started our second cycle on September, and it was even worse than the first one: just one day 3 embryo survived. We decided to go ahead with the transfer, knowing it was our last chance (it was draining us economically, too), it was also a FET (again, risk of OHSS), but for some reason, this one decided to stick with us. I'll never forget my face when I saw that second line for the first time. I was pregnant, at last. This little one's decided to tell us that 2019 is gonna be magical. We couldn't be happier, three years later, here we are. With this, I just want to tell all of you that I've been there, with the tears and the "why is it not me". But here I am, and it's a miracle. I always write everything down, so here I go with my "symptons", which I didn't really have :D but I know how important they are when someone is as anxious as us. FET day - 3 dpFET: Nothing special, bloated because of the meds and very light cramps here and there. Normal. 8 dpo (4 dpFET): cramps and a runny nose in the morning, nothing special as my DH was down with the flu (seriously, he was sick on Christmas Day!) 9dpo (5 dpFET): cramps, sore breasts (but def because of the meds) 10 dpo (6 dpFET): sore breasts, very dry throat when I wake up 11 dpo (7 dpFET): sore breasts 12 dpo (8 dpFET): sore breasts 13 dpo (9 dpFET): VERY hungry, light cramps at night 14 dpo (10 dpFET): cramps in the morning, hungry, frequent urination, dry throat (there I thought I was starting with the flu) 15 dpo (11 dpFET): NOTHING, but I decide to test late afternoon with diluted urine (OPK, as I didn't have any FRER) and it's positive. I start wondering something's up. 16 dpo (12 dpFET): Beta day, but can't wait and do a One Step with very diluted urine by lunch time just to confirm I was out. It comes positive within seconds, even with that kind of urine. My beta is also positive. Thinking back, I did some different things this cycle that I think helped: * Cut caffeine (apart from green tea) * Drink herbal infusions with ginger on it. * I threw away all my supplements, vitamins etc (apart from the ones prescribed by my doctor: Folic Acid, Iodine and B12) and tried to follow an anti-inflammatory diet as much as I could, as I thought it would keep the endo in check. It's worked. No salt, sugar or dairy products (almond milk on ocassion); and emphasizing on fruits, vegetables, lean protein (mainly white-meat poultry, beans and eggs), nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. * Drink water and sports drinks such as Powerade Zero (I did my own mix at home) * Have lots of work (I seriously didn't have time to Google anything, which is always a plus!) And that's basically it. It's a dream come true, just in time for the New Year. It seemed impossible, but here we are, knowing that WE CAN. Lots of baby dust to all of you, and good luck! xx
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