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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

BFP after Mirena Removal

BFP with 1 month TTC after mirena removal

I can't believe I'm already able to post on this board. I've been reading all of the bfp stories for a few weeks and thought for sure it would be a while before I could share anything. However, here I am at 33 with my DH of 4 years who is 43. We are absolutely to the moon happy since getting our bfp on July 10. We are first time parents and heading to a family reunion tomorrow. Hopefully, I can keep our secret! Here's our story: In February, I had my 5 year old mirena removed and was told we should wait at least two months before ttc so that we can track my periods and wait for my body to be in the best shape for conceiving. From what I understand I'm one of those rare people who opted for the IUD despite having never given birth. By April, we weren't tracking or reading much of anything but still clumsily attempted to conceive. I had been taking prenatals, and was armed with an opk, but I wasn't even sure on which days were the best to bd. At the time, I didn't even know what the acronym "TTC" meant. And we ended up missing our window. In May, I became fixated on getting it right and we prepared for our first real TTC month. I started tracking my ovulation with two types of OPKs, temps and cm. My husband travels A LOT and one of our biggest problems was this logistical nightmare. So, we decided that June would be the month we'd give it a real go and organized a mini vacation for me to be in whatever city he was scheduled to be in for the ultimate bd day. I ovulated on either 6/29, 6/30 or 7/1 (obviously I'm still not great at this). BD on 6/28-7/1. I got my first very very light bfp at 7dpo. I didn't believe it because I thought it was an evap line since I had left the test on the counter and forgotten about it. I retook the test the next day. I did see another very light bfp but the line didn't show within the time frame. I had also learned that some women were using opks as a pregnancy test, and had started using them too. I got a OPK- and assumed I was bfn. I waited until I was 9dpo to test again because I remember falling asleep nauseated. A very faint bfp showed up on the wondfo test within 5 mins. Later that day, after all of the Comic Con San Diego events that I was attending was complete I picked up a frer to confirm. I made it back to the hotel and tested in the evening and almost instantly I got a bfp on the frer. (Picture available) I'm now 4 week +2 days with my first appointment coming up on Aug 7th. Some symptoms: * DPO 1-3: Nothing * DPO 4: CM creamy, wet feeling all day, gassy * DPO 5: Sore boobs if I jump or push them, peeing more, (but I had been drinking a lot more too so I guess more thirsty) * DPO 6: Very mild cramping on right side, boobs remain sore, cm is unusually sticky when trying to rub off fingers (that has never happend), felt a little tired and took a nap in the afternoon. * DPO 7: Mild soreness of boobs, feeling hot and sweaty, light headed like car sickness feeling in airplane (that never happens) * DPO 8: Really weird salty foods taste EXTREMELY salty. I thought the chef went crazy on the salt on the fries, but the same issues with my favorite chips, and again with potatoes later in the evening. Felt nausea right before bed. (This is when I thought something might be up) * DPO 9: Woke up at 2 am to poas, saw a really really faint line appear within 5 minutes. * DPO 9: Mid day - Felt a little tired. Walking up mini stairs seemed challenging. Ate more chips and it tasted as though it was over salted. Noticed some back aches, thick cm in panties. Took a frer in the evening and got a BFP! Please wish me luck as I mentioned earlier this is our first time, and I'm super nervous since the bfps were somewhat early. Baby dust and love to all of the ttc couples. You can and will do it!

10 dpo bfp

First a bit about me: I'm 37,this will be my 3rd little. My boys are 2 years and 14 years old. We have been ttc for about 4 months. DH has developed delayed ejaculation so we used softcups for AI. Finding info on that was a godsend and saved me so many tears! We would not have conceived without it. I was tracking my bbt vaginally because I sleep with my mouth open sometimes, checking cervix and cm, and I also started supplementing with a half dose of Emerita pro-gest as I have many symptoms of low progesterone. I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old. Anyway, I hope this post gives hope to women with similar circumstances <3 1 dpo - dry cm, woke up feeling really bloated, tired and cramps coming and going, random unexpected bout of diarrhea in the afternoon and then fine. So weird. 2 dpo - creamy cm, intermittent cramping, still feel bloated. Hungry. 3 dpo- more creamy cm, gassy, cramps here and there. Sugar cravings. Took a nap. 4 dpo - creamy cm but less than yesterday. Took another nap. More sugar cravings. Intermittent cramping, sore left hip and low backache. Achey vagina?? Irritable 5 dpo - foot cramps 3x in evening (NEVER happens), dizziness in the afternoon after I put DS in the car, intermittent cramping/pulling, SO GASSY OMG. Craving chocolate. 6 dpo - 8 hrs sleep and still tired, a bit queasy when I woke up and nose a little stuffy. Where did my cramps go? 7 dpo- SO EMOTIONAL! Ugh!!!! Angry, crying, happy- emotionally all over the place. Chills and hot flashes all day. DH kept commenting on how warm my hands were compared to normal. Tired. Boobs are sensitive. Feeling touched out. Taking a lot of deep breaths like I'm a bit short of breath 8 dpo - orgasmed in sleep. Intense dreams. Smelly pee this morning , weird heavy feeling/pressure behind pubic bone a few times in the afternoon and evening, emotionally more stable than yesterday. Craving carbs. Still hot and cold. 9 dpo - So much gas at night. Toddler awake from 2-4:30 am. Increased CM. Was out and about today and didn't notice much going on with my body. Mood was good. 10 dpo - temp dip this morning. Faint line on 10 mUI strip OMG!!! Felt kind of normal today, actually thought I might be out. The only thing that made me still think I'm preg before I tested (at 6 pm) was this morning my cervix was almost as high as when I was ovulating. I have a bit of prolapse and usually it gets really low when AF is coming. A teenager, a toddler and an infant! Here we go lol :) Baby dust ladies

Bfp 3 days early after mc

This is my first post but I have been following along obsessively during tww. I got my bfp last night 3 days before my period is due. I want to be excited but my last pregnancy (1st) ended in early mc. I found out at 10 weeks that I mc at 6 weeks. Had a DC. It's been about three months since and we have been trying but not charting. 1st pregnancy came two months after removal of mirena iud. It seems pretty common to mc after mirena. It also seems common to have twins following mc so I'm hopeful. I am a twin. My mom had us after a mc. Plus it runs in my family. Not many symptoms to make me suspect pregnancy but a couple little things. Also I never really had ewcm. Just watery cm. so wasn't really sure when I ovulated. Day after what I thought was O I was very emotional. Got in big fight with fiancé. Feeling teary. Diarrhea all day. Diarrhea somewhat constant since then. Watery white cm. One huge zit on my back which is weird. Right boob just got sore two days ago with Blue veins and lumps. that's a telling sign for me. Was pretty much the only symptom last time too. Feeling a bit of pressure under belly button. Waking up to pee early in the morning for about a week now. Noticed some blotchiness (spider veins) along side of legs yesterday when I was in the hot sun. Had this last time also. If I wasn't paying super close attention I may not have suspected a thing and was prepared to be disappointed when I POAS. I really hope it sticks this time. Gettin married in about a month and we really want to start a family. Sticky baby dust to all!

Finally a BFP 13 DPO!

We've been trying since December and we're thrilled to finally get a BFP! I'm 35 and my husband is 36 so we were getting a bit anxious when month after month we were unsuccessful. In previous months, we've done the SMEP schedule pretty religiously. I also took Fertile CM supplement 3x per day and this cycle I added Mucinex 2x per day starting the day my OPK came up positive through CD 16 when we stopped BDing. OPK was positive on CD 11, so likely O'd on CD 12. BD on CD 10, 11, 12, 14, and 16. Legs up for about 20-30 mins each time afterwards. Started 2 slices of pineapple 3 DPO and had 2 slices each day (with core) for the next 4 days. 10 DPO I started having spotting after using the toilet. Bright pink and never enough to seep into a pantyliner. Smells started to get really intense. Slight nausea in the morning, but nothing too bad. Some on and off headaches. Concerned about the spotting I took a test and got our BFP 13 DPO. The spotting continued for a full week from when it started and then stopped. Tested again on 17 DPO one day after my missed period just to be sure! Praying this is a healthy babe. Will see the doctor in another month or so to confirm all is well. Best of luck to you all!! It felt a little nuts doing all of the above, but it the most worth it kind of nuts looking back. :)

Can you see a line?

I'm a mum of two. After having my daughter last November, i decided to use Paragard IUD to prevent any further pregnancies. It felt very uncomfortable. I was cramping all the time, intercorse was painful. Later on i diveloped copper toxicity symptoms. I've had enough and decided to remove an IUD. But about 10 days prior IUD removal i had terrible cramps. I thought that my period came back (I haven't had it yet because I'm breastfeeding my baby). But there was no bleeding, my period didn't came. Right after, several pregnancy symptoms appeared. I ignored it all because I was using an IUD!!! Although i had same exact cramps with my second baby implantation. An IUD have been gone for about 4 days now. We didn't have any intercorse w/o it yet. Yesturday i was making scrambled eggs. It smelled faul to me. Terrible smell of rotten eggs. My mother was visiting and she reassured me that there was nothing wrong with the eggs. It was a wake up call for me and i took a test. I see faint line. I cannot believe it. Do you see a line? Am I pregnant???? I will redo the test in a week. I don't want to waste my money or tests
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8 dpo!! After almost 4 years on Mirena and using Dollar Tree OPK and HPT

YEAAA!!!! Ok so I had my Mirena removed on March 5th after almost 4 years. I immediately had what seemed like aunt flow 2-3 days later. I downloaded the Period Tracker app and immediately went to work. DH travels for work so this was the first "real" attempt at trying during ovulation. This cycle started on May 10th and period tracker detected that my most fertile days would be the 19th-25th. DH came home on the 17th! We both were extremely tired that week and didn't want to force it. I took an OPk from the dollar tree brand and got a faint positive on the 19th. Took another on the 21st and a clear positive. We did the Bd on the 21st and sweet love left for work again that Fri on the 22nd. Period tracker estimated my ovulation day to be the 24th. I experienced a little tugging and pulling this past weekend with slight cramping. Sunday at 7dpo I felt queasy. Something just told me to test right before my morning workout. I didn't want to get my hopes up.. but it was clear as day a BFP 8dpo!!!

BFP on CD 26 after BFN CD 24

This is my first time posting, however I have been obsessively reading this board and any others I could in the last 5 months since my missed miscarriage. I am still in disbelief and nervous as this positive is very early. I'm praying this one sticks. So here's a little background on me. I'm 36, DH is 38. We have two girls 12 and 6 years old. I had my mirena IUD removed in August 2014 and had two normal periods in Sept & Oct. We decided to try for one more starting in October. I didn't use any OPK's, just timed sex 14 days after period and got a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks later. We were very surprised and happy to get pregnant the 1st month trying. Within two weeks my MS kicked in full force and I had no reason to think anything was wrong. I had my first OB appointment at about 6 weeks pregnant. The ultrasounds at that first appointment showed me measuring about a week behind (no heartbeat). The doctor advised me to return in a week. Well one week later there was no growth and still no heartbeat. Because it was so early and I had no signs of miscarriage I refused to believe this was true. So I waited until I was 10 weeks (baby still measuring 5 weeks) before I opted for a d&c January 9th 2015. I normally have a 28 day cycle but I bled and spotted on and off for the first couple of months after my d&c which made it difficult to track my calendar days and try to conceive. My OB recommended I wait two cycles anyway I told myself. So I officially started trying again in March 2015 with no luck. I started using OPK's in April but got over 7 days of positives so I was beginning to think I wasn't ovulating. This month I started my period May 1st. I bought the clear blue advance ovulation kit (the one with the smiley faces) and began testing on CD8. Here are my results and symptoms: May 1-5 (period) May 7 (BD) ~ just for fun May 8-10 ~ negative OPK May 11 (BD)~ negative OPK May 12 ~ HIGH Fertility flashing smiley May 13 (BD) ~PEAK Fertility solid smiley May 14 (BD)~ PEAK Fertility solid smiley May 15-17 ~ still had strong postives on OPK strips May 18 (BD)~ Didn't use OPK. Was getting discouraged since same thing happened last month. But BD anyway just in case ovulation was late. May 19~ OPK strips finally went negative Not sure when I ovulated since the OPK's stayed positive for so long. May 20~ Headache May 21~ Lower back pain,Very tired,sore boobs, nauseous in AM May 22~ Very tired, sore boobs. BFN HPT on dollar tree Assure test May 23~ sore boobs, tired May 24~ Slept on & off ALL day. Took pregnancy test BFN (Clearblue digital with weeks estimator) May 25~ sore boobs May 26~ BFP on dollar store Assure test, FRER, and Clearblue digital shows pregnant 1-2 weeks I am so scared right now. I am 2 days before my period and nervous this will end up as a chemical pregnancy or another miscarriage. Please pray for me. I hope my story gives hope to anyone trying after a miscarriage. I won't say the cliche "it'll happen when it's your time" because that did not make me feel better before my BFP. But reading other people's stories did so this was my story. Baby dust to all!!

11dpiui BFP

TTC: 14 months, 2 failed IUIs (IUI 1: 1 follie, 14mil sperm. BFN) (IUI 2: 1 follie, 19mil sperm BFN) Me: 30, one ovary, mild PCOS. I take Metformin to help regulate my cycle. DH: 33, Mild male factor. _____________________ *CD1 : ready for a new cycle! After two failed IUIs and an additional month canceled due to a cyst, I was ready to get started. *CD3-7: Clomid 50mg *CD11: Two follicles on my one ovary. Both measuring at 10mm. *CD15: Sono shows that one follicle is 14mm and the other 16mm. Lining is at 9. RE suggests waiting to trigger until CD 17 and to do the IUI on *CD 19 so that my larger follicle can mature. *CD16: BD *CD17: I wasn't supposed to trigger until 9pm, but I got a blazing smiley OPK at 2pm. Called RE and she said "Trigger NOW!" and that it would boost ovulation. IUI moved up a day. *CD18: IUI at 12:30pm. DH's motile count was 29Mil. Best numbers he has ever had! She did an external ultrasound right after to see that 1) I hadn't ovulated just yet and we didn't miss the egg. 2) that the sperm showed to be sitting and just chilling out ready to go. I put in a SoftCup before I left..ya know...just in case one of those pesky swimmers tried to escape. *1DPIUI: barely noticeable flutter cramps from IUI. BD *2-8DPIUI: Nada. Just really tired. But I get randomly tired all the time so it's not really noteworthy. *9DPIUI: BFN. Kind of crampy. Barely noticeable though. Normal AF signs. *10DPIUI: BFN. Have a total cryfest breakdown with DH about the possibility of us not being able to have kids for another year because we will have to save for IVF and I just *KNOW* this month isn't going to be it. *11DPIUI: Woke to AF cramps. Took a Wondfo in AM and thought I might see a shadow. Posted to TWW blog and people said they saw it too, so I ran out to get a FRER for the evening. BFP by 6pm. Kept it secret from DH because tomorrow is his bday! By bedtime I had a huge headache and didn't sleep well. Sore boobs by morning. *12DPIUI: BFP for sure in the morning! Had my DH open a present with a picture of our dog next to a onesie with the Dallas Stars logo on it (he plays hockey). We are both optimistic an ecstatic! Blood later in the morning had an HCG level of 24. Tender boobs, aversion to coffee smells, and headache are really the only symptoms I have so far. ____________________ Honestly, I have had more "symptoms" with BFN months. The only thing I notice now is somewhat tingly boobs, bloating, and headaches, and those are all indicative of AF as well. ____________________ My strategies: -pineapple core plan 1-5dpiui -Brazil Nuts 1-5dpiui -peppermint tea/remove caffeine -eating lots of salad and sweet potatoes -Softcups after sex and IUI -PreSeed -Digital OPK instead of wondfo DH strategies: -Maca root -Multi vitamin -Folic Acid

BFP at 40 yo 4th cycle TTC post IUD removal!! To God be the Glory!

I'm so happy to post here and I hope my experience helps others. It's still REALLY, really early (11DPO is my guess), but I've gotten positives on two different brands of tests (discussed below) testing yesterday twice and today once. I hope this is a sticky little guy! I've been reading these stories for a few months, each month hoping it was my month. Sorry this is so long, but I hope this helps someone who is going through the same thing as me. I hope it isn't TMI, but I wanted to be as specific as possible for anyone that is going through this too! My husband had a vasectomy reversal Jan 2010. We conceived May 2010 with our first. She is now 4+ years old. I was 37 when she was born. We decided in Dec 2014 to try for #2...thought we weren't going to have a second one at all, so God completely changed our minds. I am 40 (and a half) and I was so worried that this would take a long time. DO NOT LET WHAT SOCIETY TELLS YOU ABOUT YOUR AGE ENTER YOUR MIND! IF IT'S GOD'S WILL, IT WILL BE! Luke 1:37 says "God can do anything!" - I had my IUD removed Dec 18 and first period about 10 days later. I immediately started temping and enjoyed it at first...I had no idea that our bodies were so amazing! I also started taking Vitex, Maca, prenatal, folic acid. The first cycle post-IUD removal showed an ovulation on CD 17 and an 11 day luteal phase. I was grateful to know I was ovulating regularly! We flooded that egg, but we didn't catch it. I went to acupuncture weekly. - Cycle #2 (February 2015) I added B6 and Vitamin E because I felt my lp was short. I O'd on CD17 again but had a 12 day luteal phase. Vitamins were helping!? Temps were very consistent pre-O, and rose after O, had some EWCM, but we still didn't catch the egg. I continued acupuncture. We used Pre-seed on occasion just to help me since we were BD so much. - Cycle #3 (March 2015) I stopped going to acupuncture, but kept temping. I O'd again on CD17 and had a 13 day luteal phase. YAY! I added a natural progesterone cream application after O was confirmed because during my luteal phase I would always get a massive temp dip around 6dpo, and I was worried my progesterone was low. This month I used pre-seed with the inserts 3 times around O. We didn't catch the egg again, and this month i was SO disappointed. I thought we did everything right, and I thought to myself that I couldn't possibly keep this kind of sex life going for much longer. I was beginning to get frustrated with temping because I read every little bit into the slightest temperature shift, and I decided that next month, after O, I would stop temping until AF came to save my sanity. - Cycle #4 (CD1 was March 26) I stopped the Maca. I felt that it was making me gain weight and pissing me off. I added Fertile CM because my EWCM used to be plentiful but ever since my IUD was removed I only had it for about 2-3 days with not as much as I used to. This month I added OPK's, per the OBGYN's suggestion. I bought internet cheapies and digitals. My plan was to use the IC's leading up to my LH surge, and once I thought it might be positive to also test using the digital. Well, I got a slightly positive OPK on an IC on April 7 (CD14) but neg on digital, so we BD that morning. I thought "great! I will O on my usual CD17, get a positive OPK on April 8 or 9, and we'll BD until we can't anymore and for sure we'll catch the egg!" Then on April 8, the OPK was not as dark as the day before. WTH!? And the next day, again not as dark. Basically, I missed my surge somehow. We BD on Wed April 8 at night, and that was it. I was so frustrated because I thought I was out this month. I also had majorly wonky temperatures because the day of the slightly positive OPK, I got sick and was put on antibiotics. I temped loosely to confirm that O occurred, and then I stopped. Because of being sick, I cannot pinpoint O day, but I know it was anywhere from CD14 to CD17. I started testing on 8dpo(or it was 6 dpo depending on O day), like the OCD person that I am. Of course negative on 8dpo and 9 dpo. Well, since I don't really know when I O'd, I POAS at 12 dpo and I got in the shower. After I got out, I saw the faintest of faint positive. I PRAISED GOD!!!!!! but I didn't tell hubby, and all day obsessed and researched pregnancy test sensitivies. I had used a Wondfo blue handled test, and got the faint positive. So after work, I went to CVS and got a FRER and a FRER Digital. I took a wondfo blue handle, a wondfo pink handle and the FRER in the afternoon after holding my urine for 4+ hours. The wondfos again showed the slightest positives. The FRER was negative. This morning, I again did the wondfos, and got positives on both, both faint. The pink handles are more pronounced than the blue handles. I am saving my FRER digital for Saturday morning so I know for sure that it's positive and I don't waste the money. AF is due on Wed April 22 or Thurs April 23. Today is either 11, 12 or 13 dpo. (Probably 11 is my best guess)

I thought I was kidding myself!

Hey Two Week Waiters! First BFP at 11 DPO. Another BFP today at 12 DPO. Those double pink lines are faint, but definitely present! POAS at DPO 10, but that was a BFN. What a difference 36 hours can make! According to the Ovia App, I ovulated on CD 15 and did the baby dance with my DH on the same day. I started to experience symptoms shortly after, but chalked it up to the mind games I usually play with myself during the TWW! The sides of my boobs were very tender in the days that followed ovulation - I've read this is quite normal whether you're TTC or not, though it was particularly intense for me this month. Around 5 DPO I started to experience some uterine cramping and sporadic, shooting pains that travelled upward from my vagina to my cervix. They only lasted for a few seconds. Around 6 DPO I began to feel some mild queasiness. The cramping continued. No unusual post-ovulation CM or spotting until DPO 8 when I noticed some odorless discharge with a hint of highlighter yellow in my undies (aka leukorrhea). Got the BFN on DPO 10. Not even a hint of a pink line! And I stared long and hard. I thought, oh well, and went about my day. That evening, the queasiness returned in full force. For a while, I thought I was going to throw up. Turns out I had a massive case of the runs instead. At 11 DPO there was no denying that my boobs (36DD at baseline) felt fuller and very heavy. Ouch! I also had some morning cramps that felt particularly like the ones I tend to get a few hours before AF arrives. I thought my chances of a BFP were shot, even though AF wasn't due to appear for another four days. But that afternoon I began to feel the pulling/pinching sensation I've read about from others on this site. Why not POAS for old time's sake? Got my first BFP then and there! I ran to share the results with my DH. He seems a bit terrified, but delighted all the same. If it all works out, this will be our first baby. Sending good thoughts to all you baby makers out there!
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