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Good day. I am new on this site. Me and my husband is trying for almost a year now with no success. We were both for test. I went for bloodtests, a pap smear and a check up. All my results were normal. Then my husband went for a semen analysis. His SA results came back and everything were normal except for his Morphology level. The doctor said it needs to be 13 to get pregnant eassily but his was 10. So the GP said he must use Spermaid and Staminogro tablets. Here we are 5 months later and no success. Yesterday a friend told me about pre seed. Does anyone have success with this while having low morphology? Or is there anything else we could try? Please help. I am so depressed and down it feels as if I will never get pregnant.


Hi there! My husband and i have been trying for almost 4 years now, and have unexplained infertility (although i think its the PH level in my CM that may be the problem) I have LITERALLY just finished ordering my first batch of Preseed, because i am at a loss with what else to try!! I have read nothing but wonderful things about Preseed, so I am willing to go on a little faith. it only cost me 18.99 (GBP) from amazon, and comes with ovulation strips and early preg strips, so we are going all out this month!!! Chin up and good luck huni, sending baby dust your way! x

Hello! My husband and I have been trying for 3 1/2 years now with no success. Our friends told us about Pre Seed and how they had tried for 2 years and on the second try, they were successful. Both my husband and friend have/had a low count as well as low motility. I am currently on Day 2 of using the Pre Seed as my ovulation day is in 2 days. We are praying for a miracle and I will pray for you all as well! Since the last post was in April 2014, has anyone had any success since this original post? I would love to read about your experiences! Thanks, Z. Good luck!