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CM mystery

I am stumped! I have looked what seems like everywhere online and CAN NOT find what Im looking for, so I figured best place to ask is here! I am 3 DPO and noticed some interesting CM. Its white and milky, lotion like. Out of curiosity I wanted to do a water test on it and noticed it balled up and floated white some of it dissolved. It has now been 15 mins and its still balled up and floating! Now I am confused. What does this mean?! I thought if it balled and sank it was fertile and if it floated then dissolved it was semen. Is this pregnancy CM?! Is it to early?! HELP!


Yes it's too erly.

That's still normal and can't mean you're pregnant. This is way too early to tell. The hormone concentration for the ovulation is probably still elevated, which can cause you to have fertile CM.