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Have Been TTC For Three Months Now. No Luck. Feel Very Sad. Any Advice? :(

My fiancee and I have been ttc for three months now. We were both hoping to have a little one soon. I thought I'd get a Bfp fast due to the fact that he already has twin boys. Did not think it would be this complicated. I have irregular periods and I did have an ovarian cyst when I was young at like maybe 15, 16. (note I am now 18 going on 19 in two months please do not judge me! <3 ) The doctor had put me on bcp we figured it had helped because the pain I had due to the ovarian cyst was gone. Well, last month I had my AF on the 10th so I expected it to be the 10th this month. It did not arrive so we were happy about that. Top it all off a week before I had very sore breasts and felt very tired and weak. But I know my af is very irregular and sadly my af arrived on the 16th of this month. We are very sad because we have tried this whole month. Can anyone give me any advice? I feel very alone on this because I don't understand why it was so easy for his ex to get pregnant but not me. :(


Hey hun, DON'T PANIC. I'm 19 so firstly, I get your age and won't judge, I'm ttc for #1. My partner already has a 3 year old daughter so again I thought it would be easy but I'm on my 10th month of ttc. It's much more complicated when you want it, believe me. for a start irregular periods are your first mission, its better to sort them out before ttc cause you'll only be let down. I would recommend some herbal tea for women, worked great for me. I had the contraceptive injection last august and came off it in november. This made my periods ridiculously irregular. I could have one month where I'd have a period lasting three weeks, then I wouldn't have one for like 2 months so would think I was pregnant but wasn't. They've only just become normal again in the last few months. I had this tea called womens energy yogi tea, worked wonders totally balanced it all back out. I started to think I was infertile because he already got someone pregnant but I think the main thing was the periods. I also had a lot of symptoms all the time so I definitely suggest the tea or if that doesn't work, go to the doctor and see if they can do anything to get your periods back. #1 thing is DONT STRESS ABOUT IT, this will make it worse. Anyway, I would make a chart of your periods, etc. If you can get PinkPad if you have a smartphone. brilliant. I tracked my ovulation, periods, cervical mucus, days of intercourse etc. Tells you when you should be trying and lets you keep track of symptoms and that. I don't want to go into too much info but cervical mucus is a great indicator as for when you're ovulating. If you're discharging mucus that looks and has the texture of raw eggwhite and will stretch between your fingers then this a good sign of ovulation, or generally if you feel wetter than usual. Hope this helps hun and good luck, let me know how it goes! <3

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