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Need advice on using opk

I've been using opk's since last month. My cycles are 28 days, I got a positive opk on cd 14 in the afternoon then on cd 15 in the morning, by 7pm that nite it was negative. we BD on both days and no success. So my question is, do you think I ovulate on CD 16 maybe CD 17??


Not sure if you have been able to get pregnant or not, but from my experience using OPKs (3 pregnancies), I had to BD the days leading up to the positive.  The times that I did it just the day of or the day after the start of my LH surge - nothing.  It's better to BD the days leading up to when you know your ovulating.  Sperm lives a lot longer (up to 5 -7 days-depending on which doctor you ask) and if you BD every other day the week before you will be ovulating, you have a much better chance.  Good luck - however, i hope this post finds you preggers.