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New Here and a Little Vent!

Hi all! I've been stalking this site for a long time and have found it really helpful especially waiting for the TWW to be over! I'm 31 and have been actively trying for 12 months with no success :-( I know 12months isn't that long for some of you who have been at it for years but it's really starting to wear me down now so was hoping joining your amazing positive community would help! We use ovulation strips and boots conceive plus lube which I think is the same as preeseed in the US. I have regular 28 to 31 day cycles and not aware of any problems with me and Boyf yet but we are being refered by GP to the fertility clinic for tests. I really thought this month was the month (as we all do every month!) AF due tomorrow but used clearblue plus yesterday and BFN, I have also been testing every day since O with internet cheapie because I'm addicted!! Anyway pretty sure I'm out but the only different symptom I had this time was both boobs were sore after O usually it's only 1 until AF arrives and have been having cramps since Xmas eve. Sorry it's a bit long just wanted to say hi! Oh and the vent bit: my only advice to any new TTC'ers is don't tell any of your fertile friends, sisters, couleages because everyone I have told are now pregnant inc 2 sisters, 2 colleagues, and 4 of my close friends I think by letting people into your little sectret makes them think hey could be a good time for us too? And bam all preggo! Of course it's great news for them but I struggle to keep the happy face around them, especially have to spend NYE with them all know AF will arrive in the morning! Thanks i feel much better now :-) Xx