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Hi, I'm new to TTC my first child me and my soon to be hubby discussed this for a while. I had heavy bleeding none stop that would last for 6 months to a full year. I went to my obyn and they gave me parvera and I took that for 3 - 4 months and went back for my appointment of course my appointment went very bad and the put me BC. And I was so upset I cried. I have another appointment this month but I really want this to happen. Its Like its taking forever. But I know I should t give up!! But I really need advice for this because when I found out I had pcos they said I had more then an average woman has and it might be harder to get pregnant. I just wish all this cyst would go away and I could have my first and only child. But please feel free to give advice I'm very scared and just wanna get pregnant naturally I don't wanna go through fertilly treatment and wait. I know this is gonna be a long journey but I need all the advice and support I can get my family have been there but in my way I'm losing hope as I try to pull myself together. Thank you for listen.


I too have some major cysts. I don't ovulate regularly. By my calculations, it happens about 4 times a year. Clomid can be a wonder drug. I am waiting on mine to come in. You can get it from your doctor or you can order it oversees for cheaper. It's relatively cheap. You take 5 pills. One each day starting on day 3 and going through 7. You could start out with 50 mg. If it doesn't help, use 100 mg.