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Questions About BBT & Soft Cups

I'm new to this site & have some questions... I'm going to start charting next cycle and was wondering when do you start checking your BBT which part of cycle? And any advice on soft cups I bought some but I'm scared to use them. Also, what about that cough medicine people take when do you take that before intercourse??? All this is totally new to me I'm 32 and had a tubal reversal recently I want to learn all I can when I had my three kids I was really young had my last one at 22.


I've used the softcups and like you, I was/am scared to use them. My SO puts it in for me and removes it when I ask him too...he says just make sure you push UP once you get it in place, to prevent leaking. As for the mucinex, I started taking it right after my period I took one a day for about 13 days..and actually had my SO take one a day 7 days leading up to ovulation. We did that this past cycle, and it didn't work.. :( Good luck to you!