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They always mention God...

I am SO tired of people saying, "It will happen when God sees fit," "Just keep the faith," "It will happen in God's timing," "God is in control of that, not you," "God will bless you when you least expect it," etc. I have heard so many times throughout my life that "God don't bless no mess!" So, now I am starting to believe that God has nothing to do with pregnancy. I believe He allows people to make their own choices. So many women get pregnant in awful situations ( e.g., during drug addiction, infidelity, teenage years, incest, rape, etc.). I don't believe God would have anything to do with that. On the other hand, many people beg God, plead with God, pray, praise God, remain faithful for years and still don't get pregnant. I just don't think God is that cruel. I don't believe He would bless some to get pregnant "in their mess" and not bless others who have been very faithful. So, it really bugs me when people tell me to wait on God. I just don't believe He would allow a faithful servant to suffer like this, year-after-year. I know He blessed some in the Bible to get pregnant, but that was rare. It's very painful to think He would say, "No!" to something we want SO badly. Anyone else feel like me? I know it's a long post, but do you understand what I'm saying? Life is just not fair...


I totally see where you are coming from. It can be so confusing that some people get pregnant and others don't. I think a lot of it falls to the biology of people's body and if it was the right timing or not.

Thank you, BombayJade. I so needed to hear that. I have been struggling with this all weekend. I have asked numerous theologians for their opinions...and received several different answers. I agree with what you said. I also believe God does bless some with a child, when they are having difficulties and some He will bless in other ways. Thank you. God bless us all.

The post is perfectly logical. And if God’s behavior followed our logic, the writer would have every reason to blame God. But it does not, and so she does not. God made a perfect world, with perfect cause-and-effect order. Then we began in the very first human generation to mess it up, and we have continued to corrupt and damage it generation after generation, to mess it up since the beginning. Even the worsening climate and weather conditions testify to what we have done to our own environment. So the failure of the faithful to reproduce is only a tiny part of a global pattern, not set or kept by God, but in the midst of which we still find joy, love, victory. We marvel at people who achieve despite handicaps, who overcome despite impossible odds, who encourage others despite discouraging circumstances. If you have a Biblical faith, you appreciate the centuries of slavery of the nation Israel or the individual suffering of Job. And barrenness? You know that there was no Israel until Sarah. Sarah had been childless until she was 90. Our logic says righteousness should be rewarded and wickedness should be punished. But according to God’s logic even the most perfect Man was lynched, while His Father could have rescued Him! The prayer Jesus prayed Himself is the model by which we must approach God: “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” (Luke 22:42) If Jesus, Who was guilty of no sin at all, was willing to accept His Father’s will for suffering for Him, we who are totally guilty have a profound if inexplicable signal to follow His will. The Bible does not say that if you are obedient to His laws you will experience victory. But it does say that His will is best for your life. And you need look no further than somebody you love very deeply to see that you can be very righteous, suffer very painful tribulation, and still know the inner joy of loving God. Logical? Not on your life! But the strength of love—of people for people, or of God for people—is never dependent on good fortune, or based on logic.

I've spent the last 24 hours praying about this. I struggle, but I can't believe what you posted.  First, I challenge you to get into God's word and read. God gave Mary, a virgin, a child... but not just any child.  That child would die on a cross and save us. God has everything to do with pregnancy.  The Bible tells us God knitted us together in our mother's womb. There were women who had trouble conceiving throughout the Bible and there were women who had no problem. Sara was 90 when God gave her a son. This son was the first of many decendents. Rachel prayed and hoped for her son. God closed her womb but eventually gave her Joseph. Joseph was a dream interpreter who saved Egypt from famine as well as his brothers and father. Hannah begged and pleaded with God for a child. When God gave her Samuel, she dedicated her son to God. Samuel was a prophet of God. For every woman I've mentioned, God asked them to wait. But that child ended up doing great things for God. God needed that child at that exact time.  Every month you get a bfn, remember God has a plan, a big plan for your child!!! God does not work on your time. He works on his own, and his plan is absolutely perfect. My sister got pregnant at a young age, and that child brought her closer to God. Maybe this is God's way of bringing you closer to him. You have to make God your number one priority. If God isn't your priority because of trying to get pregnant,  then it probably won't happen. If God gave you the desire to be a mother, he will make it happen in his perfect timing. It's grace. 

@bnoles20: You are a great messenger for God. It is no coincidence that I stumbled over here today. You brought a great Word to me. I appreciate you. I thank you, Sincerely. Your words ring true and I can feel God's compassion coming from you. I know God will continue to keep you. What a blessing you are?! I needed your stern instruction and lesson. I apologize for my initial post. I was very angry and frustrated at that time. I know better now. Glory to God! I am grateful. Thank you. God bless you, forever. P.S. I saved your response in a sacred place, so I can read it over and over again, when times get tough.

P.S. Thank you for praying for me. God has given me a great revelation. I now know why I have been infertile. I will be having surgery soon to correct the problem. Check back here in a few should see my pregnancy announcement! :) God bless you and keep you.

It's all about timing too! SEX every day during that most fertile week! Exercise, healthy eating, water, plenty of sleep...Good luck!

"God" has nothing to do with it. There is not some imaginary person deciding who can and can't have children. Some people can, some people need help and some people can't. It's just how life works. It totally sucks being the person who can't seem to get pregnant when you really want it, I understand. However, there are pro's and con's in every situation. Allow yourself a short period of time to be sad and angry but then pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Negative energy will definately not help. What will be, will be... choose to be happy and enjoy a wonderful life no matter what.

That was a very inspiring testimony bnoles20. And a lovely response anonymous 10:03. I too needed to read this. I'm glad I came across it.

God uses people to have his purpose brought about. The reason many do not have children isn't because the don't have gid as priority but because we are imperfect due to Adam and Eve's sinning. Never tell anyone they do not get pregnant because it isn't God's time that makes people hate gid when he us loving and would not withhold things from us. Imperfection prevents not god!

I too have those thoughts from time to time. But something in me keeps the faith. I've been TTC for a little over two years now. This cycle I'm trying the Geritol method. It's all over the net as a "baby in the bottle." I'd say, join me. I'm gonna take a dose and say a prayer daily. Good luck. I'll pray for you.

I have been ttc for over 7 years with no luck, (I'm 27) I only recently made some changes to try more actively to aid in the process. I have experienced so many emotions about and with God on this topic but for some reason I never lose hope. My faith sometimes waivers but I standby his promises and I KNOW in my heart he favors me. I have found a new sense of hope by reading bnoles20 response. I thank god for that breath of air. His will not my own.