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Turning 37 Next Saturday and Going For Fertility Testing on Tues. :(

Hey all.. having a bit of a pity party here..hubby and I have been ttc since June...I'm 36 he's 29..still not preggers so my dr told me to have some tests done. I had a miscarriage in 2009 so she feels confident I can get pregnant. First year ever I am dreading my birthday...I don't understand this testing and kinda feel like it's my fault we're not pregnant yet. Sorry to be such a debbie downer..just down this month. Good luck's to next month :/


So very funny! I'm 37 & my partner is 29 & we've started IUI. BFN the first try & just had my 2nd IUI today. It's very stressful n I hate my age difference only simply bc I wish we had a bigger window to get prego. What testing have you done?

Ha I know..I feel the same way..I hate the age difference just for more time. We did semen analysis, hsg and my dr tested my follocle phase hormones. I went in yesterday and all is normal Thank God! She is testing my lutheal phase hormones next week and I'm starting clomid next month. Funny thing is hubby and I were dreading the testing because it sorta acknowledges we weren't getting pregnant but after we did the tests we were like that wasn't so bad and feel like alot of pressure is off. Fingers crossed for are you feeling?

I had tons of different feelings ....from emotions high n low, bloating, nausea, some ab pain and headaches. For the last few days I've felt pretty good with no who knows! Tuesday is the big day! Good luck to you n keep me posted!

Oh exciting I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! Kepp me posted :)

No go...BFN and now I have a cyst and have to wait another month before trying again! How are things going for you?

I forgot to add that, with all but the first, I got pregnant while breastfeeding and right around the time af was due the taste of my milk changed dramatically. unblocked games