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ughh will I ever

Starting off hi names Kelsey 21 years old was diagnosed with endo at 15 was on depo for fours years no menstral cycle nothing!! Took me a whole year and a half to get my period back. Have had a somewhat regular period ranging from 30-40 days usual for me for about Two years now been trying for two years due to doctor wanting me to try till i was 23 just like my mother did and then get larascopy surgery then. Which the larascopy took away all of my mothers fertility. As she tried for years to conceive and never did after me. And they told me i woild most likely be like my mother as most woman are. Been with my hubby for 6 years had 4 ultrasounds so far to track my menstral cycle. They say everything's healthy and fine just a lot of follicles and a backwards uteris. Had to do vaginal ultrasound every time cause they couldn't even seen in my uteris without. I feel and track my ovulation every month and still ain't pregnant someone help me get by trying and someone help explain to me advice to help cause obviously the doctors can't help and explain. Obviously something is causing me to not get pregnant but they said a lot of follicles and a backward uteris is normal. My endometrial lining was normal so my endo wasn't acting up after depot like it was before depoo can they tell me I have to many follicles and a backwards uteris then tell me that's normal?


Well I have no idea about the follicles and a backwards uterus thing....Sorry to hear that, but have you been having intercourse during your most fertile week? Try not to do it too much, that can lower sperm count, once a day should suffice, also lube can be a barrier for sperm, so try not to use it.

I have stage four endometriosis, Adenomyosis and pcos. My doctor had me ttc as soon as I recovered from surgery. You can email me anytime won't any questions.

I have a tipped uterus too and the doctor said it would make it harder to conceive, but it didn't. It's good that you have lots of follicles, those are developing eggs. My OB/GYN told me that it can take a long time to get your fertility back after having Depo, but if you have a lot of follicles, that's a good sign. How long have you been having your period now since you got off of Depo? I can't tell if you mean that you have been 2 years that it's been normal or if you started trying before your period came back and it's only been about 6 months with your period back. It's normal to have to do a vaginal ultrasound to look at your ovaries and uterus, they even do that for the first one when you are pregnant. Have they done blood tests to see if you actually ovulated? Sometimes you can have developing follicles and then just not ovulate for whatever reason. Also your husband might want to get checked out too.