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why won't my post post?

I got my period on Christmas and it only lasts three days and I had unprotected sex with my fiance on the 28 then again on the 30 31st and1st and in the morning on the 1st had mucus like Brown discharge and on the 2nd had pink spotting n every since then been tired nauseous cramping constipated. Metallic taste in my mouth stuffy nose and my two year old has been extra clingy n whining could I be pregnant??? Also today I had light brown discharge and now I'm currently having clear milky discharge that is weird and smells like period blood but I'm not due for a period until the 19th of this month ***My mcl is 25 days ****Luteal phase 17days


I'm kindof in the same boat as you. AF started on Christmas eve, was a super short cycle (only a few days). Did the deed from the 31st to the 1st. But then started spotting 16th. My cycles are also short 25/26 days and AF due next on the 19th. I keep feeling twinges / tiny cramps in my uterous and ovaries thinking that maybe it is implantation. Super constipated and metalic taste as well but no nausea. Keep me posted and fingures crossed/prayers for both of us.