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Ok so here's my story...I had to take vitex angus castus when I was a teenager to regulate(went from missing a very to regular but had long 31 day periods which I couldn't handle in college!! Then at about 17 I went on Levelen Ed(the pill), no longer requitred the Vitex angus castus. Took it as per instructions for about a year, then after I got with my boyfriend, took it straight and skipped my period. I'd get break through bleeding etc, ocassionally letting myself have a period... Then, now 31 years old, last November thought I was pregnant as I had accidentally skipped a few pills within a month. Got a very light period right on time on the third day off the pill. Since then I have decided my time is right to have a baby. Not sure if anyone else felt a rapid change in their mind but it was like a flicked switch, so I went off the pill in June(mid-late June). Three days after, got my period(light, easily managed). In July, perfect timing, right on queue(of a typical 28 day cycle...5 day period), after a great sex session, got spotting-the type you guys talk about...wiping and you see it, barely anything else. The spotting continued all day, then nothing day 2, then spotting day 3. So 14-16 days later, did some ovulation tests. Got one very faint reading... had sex before and after these tests. I am now 5 days late for my period. Have done 4 pregnancy tests. All negative. Now really worried that I should have had my irregular teen issues intention is to retest in a fortnight...I'm trying to relax but I'm really excited, and nervous at the same time. I've been more mucousy than normal too :/ . Next step is to go back on Vitex Angus Castus. I'm terrified I'm infertile as I'm now 31, even though I have read the statistics. It seems very common to read about ppl coming off the pill, becoming pregnant after 2-3 months. I have even been laying down after sex, clenching, pillow under bum etc!! Sorry if that's tmi! Please cross your fingers for me.


It wouldn't hurt to express your concerns to a doctor, wait a week and if still not period and still negative tests make an appointment. Make sure you are having sex at the right time and not too much. Eat right, lots of water, take prenatals, avoid bad habits, and moderate exercise. Also get plenty of sleep. Best of luck to you, sending lots of baby dust!